Firestone Debuts ‘Airide’ Suspension Kits With Smartphone Controls

Photo By: Firestone

There really does seem to be an app for everything these days, and that now includes a new suspension control system from Bridgestone called Firestone Airide. Firestone is a subsidiary of tire and gear maker Bridgestone America.

Photo by Firestone

The new Airide system allows users to control “air helper springs” via Bluetooth from an app called Air Command. The system allows for single or dual-channel adjustments on the fly. It’s getting its big debut at the King of the Hammers off-roading competition currently underway in California.

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The annual off-road event is based out of Means Dry Lake in Johnson Valley, where roughly 80,000 spectators turn the area into an impromptu RV-based community for the nine-day event. Events include open desert racing, closed course competitions, rock crawling, and more. Many of those in attendance are towing vehicle trailers or large RVs, which can stress stock suspension systems.

“With remote and app-based wireless dual-path controls, and robust product offering, Airide will change the way people think about towing and hauling. We are excited for heavy-load towers and haulers, like the racers and spectators at King of the Hammers, to test out Air Command for themselves,” Justin Monaghan, President of Firestone Airide, said in a press release. Fitment guides can be found here.

Photo by Firestone

Firestone says the Air Command app can help to level out uneven loads and will work with most pickup trucks, SUVs, vans, and Class A RVs. The company says the system can be installed at over 700 Firestone service centers without drilling into vehicles.

Air ride systems are not new territory for the company, which has been making them since 1938. They have been producing air ride systems for larger vehicles such as trucks and buses for decades.

Photo by Brett Willhelm


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