First-Aid Kit: Self-Reliance Medical

Photo By: Self Reliance Medical

The OTK 1450 from Self-Reliance Medical is designed as a portable First Aid Kit with Trauma capabilities for any workplace, overlanding, or hobbies. The OTK 1450 is the standard for any basic first aid to bleeding control element. Packaged in a convenient Pelican 1450 case that is easily transported to the patient side, the OTK 1450 offers the ability to treat common overland injuries with basic first aid treatment identified by its own R40 case organized within the OTK 1450, separated by TrekPak case dividers. The OTK 1450 has been tested and vetted by military personnel and first responders. The Overland Trauma Kit will now give the security and Insurance needed for next adventure.

MSRP: $598.98

Photo by Brett Willhelm


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