Front Bumper: ARB Summit MKII Bull Bars

Photo By: ARB

The Next Generation ARB Summit Bumper muscles up with the most innovative and advanced technology, all while fully integrating with driver assist safety technology. Its durable steel construction offers maximum protection while its multi fold upswept and tapered wing design preserves approach angle.

The sleek, modern design of the Summit MKII can be attributed to its robot welds on the front face and its updated fog light design. The light assembly features a plug-and-play, sequential indicator, a clearance light, daytime running light (DRL), and a fog light for a complete, integrated unit.

Photo by ARB

The Summit MKII is recovery-ready and accommodates popular low mount model electric winches up to 12,000 pounds with a pressed-form top pan and aluminum winch cover panel. The bumper features twin ARB Jack or Hi-Lift jack points in the lower pan.

In addition to its split pan design, carefully engineered ducting was designed for the MKII Summit Bumper to match the original air flow performance in a variety of conditions. Ducting at both the top and bottom of the bumper delivers airflow to the vehicle’s radiators. Press-formed apertures in the underwing panels ensure its structural integrity and continuity, avoiding vulnerable front facing grilles and vents which could be susceptible to foreign objects and debris.

For durability, the Summit MKII is finished in matte black powder coat with Metaprep primer for additional corrosion protection.


Side Rails and Steps 

ARB Summit Side Rails and Steps defend your vehicle’s doors, side sills and front quarter panels from costly off-road damage. They are manufactured from 60.3mm tubular steel for strength and finished in matte black powder coat with Metaprep primer for ultimate corrosion resistance. The steps feature an anodised extrusion panel with ridges for surefooted entry and exit.  

Photo by ARB

To provide complete protection for your vehicle, an attachment system seamlessly connects the side rail to the front bumper with a sleek cover sleeve. Alternatively, side steps may be installed as a stand-alone piece of protection with a return that enables fitment with a clean aesthetic.

Recovery Points 

Adding or upgrading recovery points for off-road use is a must when outfitting your vehicle for 4×4 adventures. ARB forged recovery points are constructed from high-grade steel, feature a long slot design for a side-angled pull, and are finished in a hard-wearing red powder coat for maximum visibility. Both left and right recovery points enable different recovery equipment setup to suit each individual situation. 

The recovery eye is manufactured from a 350-grade 20mm plate for maximum strength and durability. Available for both right and left sides of the vehicle, each recovery point is rated for use with a 4.75t rated bow shackle and 17,500lb snatch strap.  

Photo by ARB

The unique, long slot design of ARB recovery points allows the recovery bow shackle to rotate for angled recovery setups (up to the maximum turn angle of vehicle front wheels). This means the 8T-rated recovery points do not require bridle straps during a recovery.  

The long slot also allows the bow of the shackle to be fed through and the strap attached via the pin instead of the bow. This way, the shackle can pivot within the recovery point and avoid side loads on the pin. The slot’s chamfered edge can be used with soft shackles.  

Four mount points with high tensile bolts are included per recovery point to ensure that there is no torsional twist on angled pulls. They are positioned above the lowest point of your vehicle to maintain maximum clearance. 

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