Lighting Kit: DENALI Electronics

DENALI Electronics keeps you safe while out on the road or trail with some of the highest quality, longest-lasting, and brightest lighting solutions on the market today. Available directly or through their partner company, Twisted Throttle, the team at DENALI is continuously innovating, developing, and testing new designs to meet even the most specialized needs. 

For the Ultimate Overland Motorcycle, we selected some of DENALI’s latest LED lighting products. We paired forward-facing auxiliary lights with front and rear turn signals, plus rear running/brake lights. This is the ultimate lighting solution to see and be seen.

DENALI Electronics Lighting Kit

The D7s we chose for the build are the brightest lights that DENALI offers at over 15,000 lumens. The D7s will light up even the darkest road or trail. The D7s are ideal for night conditions when you need the most visibility. In fact, they’re so bright that you have to be careful not to blind other drivers or riders. The D7s are mounted to a bike-specific mounting bracket for the Africa Twin Adventure Sports ES. 

In addition to the D7s, we installed DENALI D2s down near the front axle using the fender bolt kit in order to create a large light pattern on the front of the bike. This makes it much easier for other drivers to see and recognize a motorcycle approaching. The D2s are great for additional ditch lighting, fog lights, or as a less bright auxiliary alternative when riding through high traffic areas. On top of that, the T3 Switchback Signal Pods on the handguards act as white running lights and also as auxiliary turn signals when activated.

To mitigate the potentially aggressive D7 lighting kit, we added DENALI’s Data Dim Dual Intensity Controller which allows for dimming to half intensity at the flip of a switch. The D2s are also set up with the Dual Intensity Controller, so dimming is always an option. 

On the rear of the Ultimate Overland Motorcycle, we have installed the B6 brake light to the underside of the license plate. These 6 ultra-bright red LEDs act as an auxiliary running and brake light that is sure to catch drivers attention. Additionally, the T3 Switchback Signal Pods double the running/brake lights on the rear of the bike and also act as auxiliary turn signals. With all this light on the rear of the bike, we are greatly cutting down the chances of being rear-ended, because who could miss all of this?

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