Goose Gear Introduces Car Camp Kits For Subarus & RAV4s

Photo By: Goose Gear

While we would all like to be able to build large, expensive, and well-equipped overlanding vehicles, the reality for some people who still want to get out there and see the world is that sometimes they are limited to something a little bit smaller – or even the family car. In that case, there are some options from outfitter Goose Gear, which now offers some clever in-vehicle setups for both Subarus and Toyota RAV4s.

Photo: Goose Gear

Goose Gear offers a new range called the Park Series, including three setups for the popular AWD Subys and RAV4, which could be considered the modern station wagon for many owners. While not exactly rock crawlers, the proven AWD systems in both vehicles do allow drivers to wander off the beaten path to a fair degree, and we’ve definitely seen some capable builds on both platforms at the Overland Expo shows.

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The triplet of options ranges from a simplified Rear Storage system to a Sleep and Storage setup and an Ultimate Chef and Sleep package. Each system can be installed on a base plate that allows for sliding drawers or as a more removable setup with no base plate.

The Rear Storage system (above) includes modular, hard-sided storage bins that organize the rear trunk space while retaining all seating positions. Once installed, the system essentially raises the trunk floor so there’s still space to load in gear on top of the drawers or retain room for your furry passenger’s laydown area.

Photo: Goose Gear

Moving up to the Sleep and Storage system means losing the rear seats but increases storage space and creates a sleeping deck for two people if they’re fine with close quarters.

Photo: Goose Gear

The Ultimate Chef and Sleep package makes room for a portable refrigerator and limits sleeping space to perhaps one person and a fur baby. All Goose Gear equipment is constructed from Baltic birch and covered in a tough protective layer. Going with a base plate will require some drilling into the vehicle’s underpinnings and the possible relocation of the spare tire, but Goose Gear also offers the Park Series systems without a base plate and uses the modular construction and connection system for integrity.

The in-car camping setups are available for recent RAV4 5th generation models from 2019 and later, and most Subaru models. Pricing depends on the package, options, and installation equipment required, but an average Sleep and Storage system runs about $2,000. Goose Gear also makes similar systems for a wide range of other off-road capable vehicles.

Photo by Brett Willhelm


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