‘Hitch-Home’ Air Tent Mounts To Your Rig’s Trailer Hitch

Photo By: Hitch-Home

From coolers to motorcycles, there’s no shortage of things that can be mounted to the hitch of your rig. Now, you can add an inflatable tent.

Available in two or four-person models, the Hitch-Home is currently raising production funds on Kickstarter and has exceeded its initial $10,000 goal. The tents range in price on Kickstarter from $2,690 for a two-person model to $3,190 for the base four-person version. Each model has available options for winter covers, summer awnings, and other extras.

The Hitch-Home tent travels in a hard-sided box that mounts on an arm that rotates the tent box 90 degrees upward for less overhang. Hitch-Home says the two-person version weighs 77 pounds, and the four-person version comes in at 99 pounds.

Photo by Hitch-Home

The setup is fairly simple, as the tent structure is made of inflatable tubing. With an optional powered inflator, it takes “less than three minutes” to firm up, according to the company. Once unfurled and inflated, the tent’s base sits on collapsible stands, and the floor inflates to function as an air mattress. Once set up, the tent can detach from the hitch. The stainless steel stands keep the tent off the ground and allow for use on some uneven surfaces.

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Hitch-Home says the tent is constructed of “high-quality waterproof fabric” and is made up of Polycotton and 300D Polyester. Rain flies and awnings help keep the elements at bay. The tent features large mesh windows with zippered closures. Large ingress/egress openings are at both ends of the tent.

Photo by Hitch-Home

Photo by Hitch-Home

Photo by Hitch-Home

Photo by Hitch-Home

Hitch-Home says the tent has four patents, and development is continuing for the final version. The company making Hitch-Home is U-RANG out of South Korea, and they say the name means “nomad.” The company, headed by Eun-in Lee, noted the tent has been in development for three years, and the idea was “born out of the inconveniences of traditional camping. We reimagined features from rooftop tents, camping trailers, and standard tents to pioneer the development of the first hitch-type air tent. “

U-RANG says the Hitch-Home has advantages over rooftop tents by being at ground level while still off the ground, and it frees up the vehicle’s roof for other gear. The Kickstarter campaign ends March 13, but it does not specifically say on the campaign page when products will ship to backers. As a reminder, be aware of the risks when backing crowdfunding projects.

Photo by Brett Willhelm


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