Industry Spotlight: 67 Designs

Established in 2012, 67 Designs has been involved in the overlanding community for several years as the preeminent mounting solution for devices such as phones, tablets, Garmins, sPODs and more. 67 Designs offers products that are suitable for Jeep, Ford F-Series, Land Rover Defenders, Toyotas, vans, and many other vehicles. 67 Designs currently sells directly to consumers, and its products are used across the globe helping to enable the best adventures.

The Jeep JL /Gladiator Series 55 Rail Mount Pack

The Jeep JL /Gladiator Series 55 Rail Mount Pack is one of many packs compatible for Jeeps on our site. However, if you own a Ford, Land Rover, Toyota, Van, Trailer, RVs or even a boat or  plane, 67 Designs has products for you.

The pack includes the Series 55 Rail that sits discreetly and low on your dash, a polished or matte Carbon Fiber Series arm and one of the following new holders: Universal for Phones G2 or MagMount G3. The Universal fits nearly all phones, not just an iPhone, and has a trail-tested clamp designed to keep your phone secure on and off the roads.

The MagMount G3 comes with metal plates to attach to your device for grab-and-go usability while you are on the road. It is also Apple MagSafe ready.

For installation, the pack includes U.S.-sourced genuine 3M branded materials and four fasteners that allow for a 10-20 minute set up. You can also add any 20mm ball to mount and position other devices how you would like.

  • The JL / Gladiator Rail is patented and offers the lowest visibility and cleanest mounting system available on the market today.

  • The JL / Gladiator Rail supports up to seven different mounting points for phones, tablets, GPS units, winch controllers and more for a clean overlanding command center.

  • The carbon fiber arms utilize a 20mm ball and by using the 67 Designs’ Dam Adapter, any one-inch ball product can be mounted with ease.

  • The MagMount G3 and Universal for Phones G2 provides sturdy support to a phone while overlanding — so your phone is assured to be held while bouncing down the trail.

  • The MagMount G3 has a 12 magnet array in it — it’s made to be firm.

  • The MagMount G3 is not just meant for phones; the magnets are so strong that they can fit iPad, tablets, and more.

  • The Series 55 Rail is not just made for the front dash, but can also be used in the rear of a vehicle or in the lounge area of a van for entertainment purposes.

  • The Universal for Phones G2 is designed and made in the USA from US sourced materials. 

67 Designs’ mission is to enable adventures for its customers. You can read more about the brand’s mission on the company blog. 67 Designs focuses on two things: very responsive customer service and building and delivering well made products. 67 Designs also makes desktop products that can help customers during the editing/viewing process after an overlanding trip. Even if you do not own an overlanding vehicle, you can set up a system using compatible products.

67 Designs runs multiple social media pages to share customers’ adventures and connect customers with one another. Find 67 Designs on Instagram: @67.designs Twitter: @67Designs Facebook: @Original67Designs

Disclaimer: This paid story was produced in partnership with 67 Designs

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