Industry Spotlight: Helux Industries

When planning for an overlanding adventure, there are a lot of gadgets and equipment you have to pack. You only want to pack equipment that will be the most efficient and make your trip the most successful. One of the things you absolutely need for a longer journey is a cooler for your food and drinks.

Sure, you could get an ice-filled cooler. But then you have to buy ice throughout your trip, as it melts. Worse yet, the melting ice causes internal temperature fluctuations. That means you’ll never know for sure if your items are being kept at the correct temperature.

Alternatively, you could use a traditional powered cooler that needs to remain plugged in order to run. But then you have to keep it constantly powered — from your rig’s battery or otherwise. Honestly none of these options is like the best choice for your trip.

What if you could have a cooler that can be charged in two hours, and then run on its lithium battery for up to three days without needing to be plugged into a power source? Helux has the answer you are looking for.

Helux’s E-Series powered coolers allow you to travel smarter without worrying about maintaining a constant power source to your powered cooler.

Helux E-Series powered coolers can run while plugged into a power source. Distinctively, the E-Series also features an integrated lithium battery that can keep the cooler running if it’s disconnected from an external power source.

The Helux coolers can be charged by AC power, DC power, or Solar power, making it extremely versatile. Helux E-Series powered coolers are affordable, low maintenance, easy to use, extremely durable, easy to store, and — thanks to its LG compressor — highly efficient.

Helux E-Series has a dual-zone cooler that can keep items frozen on one side, and cool on the other. That means you can put your ice cream sandwiches and ketchup all in the same cooler without worry that you’ll come back to find melted ice cream or a frozen ketchup block. Specifically, you can set one side at 0 degrees Fahrenheit and the other to 34 degrees Fahrenheit.

Both the dual- and single-zone E-Series powered coolers have an eco-mode to efficiently utilize the LG compressor. The E-Series powered coolers also have two separate USB ports, enabling users to charge small devices, such as a smartphone or a wireless speaker, while keeping your food perfectly chilled.

We’re confident that Helux powered coolers would make a great addition to your overlanding setup.

  • Helux is an invitation to keeping food to your desired temperature on your next overlanding adventure.

  • Helux currently offers two models: the E60L, and the E75L dual zone.

  • Helux powered coolers are the most versatile coolers on the market that can last up to 3 days on a full charge.

  • Helux powered coolers are minimalist, as they offer users everything they really need and nothing extra or unnecessary.

  • Helux powered coolers come standard with bottle openers, cup holders, and food racks.

  • Helux powered coolers come standard with everything you need to go off-grid for up to three days, such as a DC power adapter, AC power adapter, and 91000 mAh battery.

  • Helux can be charged via solar panels, DC or AC power, enabling overlanders to choose how they wish to charge or power the cooler. When you want to disconnect from the constant power source, the lithium battery can power the cooler for up to three days, allowing you to be mobile.

  • Helux powered coolers are built for travel and will last, thanks to robust and shock-proof construction.

  • Carefully thought-out features, like eco-mode, will conserve battery power when running solely on the lithium battery. There is also a max-cool mode to rapidly cool the inside in an hour.

  • Our powered coolers are built for adventurous families, outdoor enthusiasts, and weekend warriors.

  • The E60L is $1,049 and the E75L dual zone is $1,199.

Disclaimer: This paid story was produced in partnership with Helux Industries LLC.

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