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Why do we, the MyMedic team, care about saving lives? It’s simple. We wish someone could have saved our dad’s Life.

Several years ago, our dad was in a fatal car accident in rural Utah. Due to the remote location of the wreck, it took emergency medical services more than 40 minutes to respond.

Like the old saying goes, “Help is always further away than you think.”

With no first-aid equipment on hand or anyone nearby with emergency training, our dad bled to death. Just like that, he was gone. In an instant, all of our lives changed. The one thing we kept coming back to was the realization that, if there had been a first-aid kit nearby, he would still be here today.

As a family, we came together with one objective: to save lives. MyMedic is committed and driven to help others never experience what we did, an unnecessary loss of a loved one. It is now our mission to help people be as prepared as they can be by arming them with the best first-aid kits on the planet.

MyMedic is also building an easily accessible way to help people learn life-saving skills for those unexpected emergencies. First aid is what keeps people alive until full medical treatment is available. We wanted to share with you our first-aid kits that have become standards for those involved in Overlanding and exploration. 

The Medic 

Photo: MyMedic

Photo: MyMedic

This is a first-aid kit that will actually save your life. This kit has been hand picked by first-responders and medical professionals. The bag features durable materials made to rugged military standards. You will also find MOLLE loops that allow for modular add-ons. The Medic (advanced kit) is filled with over 550 quality first-aid and trauma supplies and is HSA/FSA approved.

The full-length zipper on this bag allows it to open completely and lay flat, enabling quick view and access to the life-saving supplies you need. The Medic also features dual compartments and integrated modular organization. If you have to trek some miles with the Medic on your back, you will enjoy the padded ventilated back panel, sternum, and waist straps. Oversized zippers allow for quick access, and two upper handles make carrying this beast secure.

The Medic is the kit to take along on longer excursions and if there will be more than a few people on your team. When help is further away than you’d like it to be, the Medic is the first-aid kit you want to have along on your expedition.

MyFAK (My Individual first-aid kit)

The most popular first-aid kit in the MyMedic line-up, the MyFAK is equipped with life-saving supplies that will have you adventuring with confidence. With MyFAK, you are always prepared and protected.

Inside, the MyFAK is filled with over 100 expert-picked supplies for bleeding, sprains, fractures, outdoor injuries, and the always-needed topical items.

The tear-away pouch inside can be used as a mini first-aid kit. The MyFAK features a tear-away back panel for when speed is essential in an emergency. The bag also features two buttoned Molle straps, making it perfect for attaching to another bag or kit. Oversized zippers allow quick access to the tri-fold design, giving you quick access to your first-aid supplies. The MyFAK is the kit to keep in your vehicle and take on those overnight hiking trips.

10 Essentials 

The 10 Essentials kit is the perfect first-aid and survival kit to have at the ready for overlanding and expeditions. 10 Essentials features National Parks’ recommended 10 Essential categories of supplies. The kit is waterproof, durable, and it can even double as a flotation device. 10 Essentials is well organized and contains over 110 quality life-saving supplies.

If you don’t have a copy of the MyMedic Stay Alive Guide, you might want to consider grabbing one for your backpack. This perfectly sized booklet covers everything from first aid basics such as CPR, bleeding, and burns to survival skills like knots, shelter building, and getting un-lost. The compact size makes it easy to keep in your backpack, so there’s no excuse not to have it with you on your travels. 

MyMedic First Aid Kits are categorized into Universal and Specialty kits. Universal kits are perfect to keep at home, in the garage, or in your vehicle. They are designed for a wide array of situations and include a little of everything you might need no matter where you are.

Specialty kits are engineered for more specific situations with statistic-backed supplies based on a specific activity including, hiking, boating, shooting sports, and more. 

MyMedic also offers MedPacks, too, which were created to simplify first-aid. In addition, MyMedic is currently running its biggest sale of the year: Black Friday Deals. Overlanders will find 30% off site wide. Plus, any order over $49 will receive a free MyMedic neck gaiter and a Cold & Flu MedPack.

MyMedic is a family-operated first-aid kits, supplies, and training company. MyMedic was founded with the objective to save lives. Furthermore, the entire company is driven by a goal to prepare everyone with equipment and training for the unexpected emergency.

Based out of Salt Lake City, Utah, MyMedic believes everyone should have instant access to a life-saving first-aid kit.

Visit MyMedic to learn more and follow @MyMedicofficial on Instagram and Facebook.

Don’t forget to tag MyMedic on social in your photos, showing off your MyMedic first-aid kits.  #stayalive

Disclaimer: This paid story was produced in partnership with MyMedic

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