Industry Spotlight: Radius Outfitters

Radius Outfitters creates high quality, durable, and carefully engineered soft and hard goods that are made for adventure vehicles and the outdoor life. Many of Radius’ bolt-on products utilize otherwise unused space with an emphasis on rolling without rattles. 

Some of Radius’ products, such as the Sprinter Headliner Overhead Shelf and the Sprinter R-Cage Bed System, apply only to the Mercedes Sprinter at this time. However, the majority of the brand’s products apply to a wide variety of uses for the adventurer/overlander. What’s more, they can be appreciated by anyone wanting high-quality storage gear.

Additionally, Radius Outfitters has made it a priority that all of its products are DIY friendly and can be installed or assembled at home using basic skills and tools. For folks wanting full install support Radius has options for that too.

Radius Outfitters was founded based on a love for nomadic life and adventure. Radius’ products were inspired by life on the road, and the need for efficient, high-quality gear. Organizational products like Gear Box, Heavy-Duty Canvas Gear Totes, Camp Kitchen Organizers, and the Heavy-Duty Tool Wrap were designed specifically to store all of your outdoor, camping, and traveling necessities.

Radius created the Sprinter Headliner Overhead Shelf for the high-roof Mercedes Sprinter, as a smart way to make use of wasted storage space above the front seats. This product is the first in the brand’s series of outfit products for the Sprinter. With the provided basic tools, the consumer can install this Gear Loft in 30 minutes with Radius’ instructions. 

In 2021 Radius Outfitters will expand its offerings of outfit components with the Sprinter R-Cage Bed System and Sprinter Radius Roof Racks. 

The Sprinter R-Cage Bed System is a patented tubular aluminum cage that bolts to factory D-rings in the floor. The mattress is split down the middle, allowing both halves to fold up to the walls of the van (with the mattresses in place). This effectively reclaims the cargo volume the Sprinter is known for.

The brand’s Sprinter Radius Roof Racks were developed as an alternative to the very expensive custom fabricated roof racks on the market. Radius uses heavy-duty aerodynamic aluminum extrusion for the crossbars. Radius makes its mounts from billet aluminum. And the brand offers aluminum accessories like decking, solar panel mounts, and a wind deflector.

Later in 2021, Radius will offer several new soft good products, including the Camp Gear Boxes, Heavy-Duty Canvas Gear Totes, Camp Dish Drying Bag, Camp Seatback Laundry Bag, and Camp Seatback Trash Bags. For more information about Radius products, or to sign up to be notified when new products are in stock, head to Radius’ website at

Product details:

  • Sprinter Headliner Overhead Shelf — This headliner shelf is designed for Mercedes Sprinter High Roof 2007-2019 and up and is easy to install at home with our directions. It harvests wasted storage space above the driver’s seat, can store bulky, lightweight items, up to 10 pounds.

  • Sprinter R-Cage Bed System — Our R-Cage bed system includes a bed platform, a mattress, a trapper net, and our R-Cage

  • Tool & Kitchen Camp Organizers (small and large) — Our Camp Kitchen Organizer comes in two sizes: small and large. They are multi-purpose wraps that help you keep track of camping essentials on the road. Kitchen gear for camping is one of our main uses for this product, the smaller one for items like flatware, and the bigger size for stuff like spatulas, ladles, knives, etc.

  • Heavy-Duty Tool Wrap — Our Tool Wrap features three levels of tool sleeves, and 2 zippered pouches, with a Cordura outer, and PVC Tarpaulin inner – it’s silent, secure, storage for your tool set.

  • Heavy Duty Canvas Gear Totes (Small and Large) — Radius Tote Bags are durable, with leather grip, and a rigid bottom designed to not collapse when carrying uneven or heavier items. The wipeable inner material is perfect for groceries, firewood, or any road luggage. Choose from the small or large size. 

  • Camp Gear Boxes (3000, 3500, 5500) — Radius Gear Box are semi-rigid and secure boxes that can store a variety of items and valuables from kitchen stuff to electronics. Velcro bottoms stay in place on the van floor to prevent sliding. Choose from three sizes – 3000, 3500, and 5500, with customizable inserts that allow you to design the gear box for your unique storage needs. 

  • Camp Seatback Trash Bags — Radius Trash Bags provide convenient on-the-go trash storage with a zipper for easy disposal. Tethers can secure it to the back of the car seat, or anywhere else you need to set up.

  • Camp Dish Drying Bag — Radius Camping dish bag solves the problem of needing to dry dishes out in nature or on the road. Hang it from a seat back, or just about anywhere in camp.

  • Camp Seatback Laundry Bag — Radius Laundry Bag stores dirty clothes, and even swimsuits and wet gear. Tethers to the back of a seat or anywhere else it needs to go.

Header image: Radius Outfitters

Disclaimer: This paid story was produced in partnership with Radius Outfitters

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