JetBoil’s New Stash is the Minimalist’s Dream Stove

Anyone who has spent any amount of time living out of their rig knows that it is hard to get by without a full size camp stove – especially if you’re cooking for multiple people. But for those minimalist overlanders that don’t do much cooking and can get by with some of the delicious freeze-dried foods on the market nowadays, the new JetBoil Stash might be a contender for your kitchen box.

Full disclosure, I still bring a minimal camp stove and fuel on my trips even though I primarily use a full size camp stove to do the majority of my cooking in the backcountry. A backpacking stove is perfect for heating water for oatmeal or morning coffee and set up is quick and easy.

A Sleek, Compact Camp Stove

Stash Cooking System - Photo: JetBoil

Stash Cooking System – Photo: JetBoil

JetBoil’s Stash cooking system weighs in at an astonishing 7.1 ounces (without fuel) and is 40% lighter than their next lightest stove, the JetBoil Zip.


The Stash Cooking System is a well-designed stand-alone stove that includes a titanium burner and .8L FluxRing cook pot with a lid and attached pour handle. JetBoil’s FluxRing technology ensures a rapid 2.5 minute boil time, ensuring that your morning dose of caffeine makes it into your system in an efficient manner. The Stash system comes standard with a fuel can stabilizer to keep your stove steady on rocky or uneven terrain.

The Stash Cooking System’s Nesting Design - Photo: JetBoil

The Stash Cooking System’s Nesting Design – Photo: JetBoil

The best part about the Stash Cooking System is the nesting design makes taking your stove anywhere super-simple. Every piece of the Stash stashes inside the titanium cooking pot – including space for a small, 100-gram JetPower fuel canister.


Color: Metal

Weight: 7.1 oz / 200 g System weight excludes fuel stabilizer

Power: 4500 BTU/h / 1.32 kW

Volume: .8 Liter

Cooking Type: Fast Boil

Fuel Regulator: No

Group Size: 1-2 People

Boil Time: 2m 30sec per .5 liter (avg. over life of Jetpower can)

Water Boiled: 12 liters per 100 g Jetpower can

Ignition Type: Match

Product Type: System

Dimensions (Packed): 4.4 in x 5.1 in (112 mm x 130 mm)

Is this stove for you?

The Stash Cooking System wouldn’t work for cooking for large groups or with any recipe that requires simmering – this is a boil only type of system, but for those that can get by with it, the lightweight, low-cost ($129.95) Stash is perfect for those that want to boil water quickly in their rig, but also take it on the trail for a little hiking or backpacking.

You can preorder from JetBoil now, or purchase it at JetBoil retailers on February 27, 2021.

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