Land Rover joins OX team

Land Rover has committed to join our Overland Expo Training Team and provide not only their best international trainers—led by Bob Burns, ex-Camel Trophy and now director of Land Rover Experience training centers, and Sarah Batten, head of instructor training in the UK—but also to build our new on-site driving course. The course will be located within the exhibition grounds, next to our Exhibitor Arena. Overland Experience (our full training package deal) students will be able to take their vehicles through the course (all makes welcome!) or use one of the demo Land Rovers Bob and Sarah will bring down for the event.

“By switching to a more intensive but shorter driving course, we’ll be able to focus on and fine-tune students’ overlanding skills,” said Roseann Hanson, Overland Expo director. “Then students will be able to head out either on their own or with a small group to practice their new skills out on real driving routes. Our emphasis will continue to be driving skills you’d need for overland exploration, rather than ‘rock crawling’ or extreme 4×4 driving. We also will bring back our popular women’s overland driving classes, but more of them!”

Photo by Brett Willhelm


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