Learn How To Power Your Journey at Overland Expo East

Photo By: Fred Cook

Retired US Foreign Service Officer Frederick Cook began traveling early when, at the age of five, he boarded a ship bound for India. Later, as a teen, he struck out across Java on trains and buses. Cold, wet, and suffering from altitude sickness, he realized that next time, he wanted a 4×4. 

Over fifty years later, he, his wife, and the cat still have a 4×4 and are still on the road. Their travels have taken them across the Sahara, up and down the Andes, and around Central and Southern Africa. Current travels now extend across the United States and into Canada. Learn more at: https://diplostrat.net/ 

How does this lead to electrical systems? Long ago, on a dark and stormy night in the Andes, Fred flipped the switch to turn on the spiffy new lights he had installed in the back of his Blazer, only to see, well, nothing. Clearly, his dual battery setup didn’t work, and he had the dead battery to prove it. Now, years later, when he flips the switch in his camper, he does get lights. And fans. And coffee. And even air conditioning.

And you can too. Only now you get to skip some of his failures along the way.

Session Descriptions:

Four interrelated sessions walk you through the process of setting up an electrical system for your camper, large or small. From sizing the system (Watts Up?) to keeping your batteries charged (Charging Up), to isolating the camper from the vehicle (Doubling Up), to considering whether to move to lithium batteries (Getting the Lead Out), there are sessions for each step of the way.

You can still purchase tickets for Overland Expo East at the link below.

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