Motorcycle: Triumph Tiger 1200 Rally Pro

Photo By: Triumph Motorcycles

For our third Ultimate Overland Motorcycle Build, we had our sights set on long-distance travel and off-the-beaten-path exploration. Seeking a bike that is as off-road capable as it is long-haul comfortable, we decided on the 2023 Triumph Tiger 1200 Rally Pro for its performance, capability, and its potential as a world-traveling powerhouse.

Fully redesigned and released in 2022, the new Tiger 1200 is the result of one of the most ambitious projects in Triumph’s history. The Tiger features a radical engine, chassis, and technology overhaul. Significantly lighter and much more powerful than the previous generation of Tiger, with class-leading specifications, the bike was designed to be the world’s most capable, agile, and maneuverable large-capacity adventure motorcycle. 

Photo: Triumph Motorcycles

Top to Bottom Redesign 

At the heart of the Tiger is the new 1160 cubic-centimeter engine. Debuted in 2022, the motor is Triumph’s signature inline triple, but the unique T-plane crank with uneven firing order gives the Tiger a proper growl from bottom to top. With 150 horsepower peaking at 9,000rpm and 130 Nm of peak torque at 7,000rpm, the new setup improves acceleration and boosts power, making it the most powerful shaft-drive motorcycle in the class. 

In the chassis department, the Tiger’s bolt-on aluminum rear sub-frame and the tri-link dual-sided swingarm are light and strong. A low-maintenance shaft drive, in combination with a 21” front and 18” rear tubeless, wire-spoked wheelset and Showa semi-active suspension, makes the Rally Pro the only adventure bike with this unique combination, for the ultimate in all-terrain riding, off-road, and on. 

Photo: Triumph Motorcycles

For our off-road adventures, the Tiger boasts 220 millimeters of suspension travel and is primed for whatever you throw at it. Critical for precision control both on-road and off, the incredible braking power provided by the Brembo calipers meets the demands of long-distance road riding and the off-road adventure capability of the Rally. With the advanced Optimized Cornering ABS system, the Rally Pro’s riding modes adjust throttle response, ABS, traction control, and suspension settings for maximum rider control in all riding conditions. 

Long-Haul Ergonomics

Straight out of the box, the Tiger 1200 is an ergonomic masterpiece, making it a prime contender for round-the-world adventures. The seat adjusts easily between a high and low position, allowing you to set it at either 34.4 or 35.2 inches. To further the long-distance travel comfort, heated grips come standard, and the windscreen adjusts on the fly with one-handed operation. The wide handlebar position contributes to the bike’s improved agility and enhances control. The bike’s slim waistline and tank are thoughtfully designed for riding comfort and off-road capability. 

Photo: Triumph Motorcycles

To prove its commitment to long-haul adventuring, the Tiger 1200 Rally Pro has a 5.3-gallon aluminum fuel tank. With an estimated fuel consumption of 55 miles per gallon, you’re looking at the possibility of a 290-mile range— which translates to a lot of quality dirt time between gas stations and a little more peace of mind on long trips.

Photo: Triumph Motorcycles

Technology Powerhouse

The Tiger 1200 comes equipped with a robust technology package from top to bottom. All of the key information is displayed on a 7-inch TFT dash with an optically bonded display. The My Triumph Connectivity System allows you to connect your phone for music, calls, turn-by-turn navigation, and GoPro control, so you can capture every moment of your adventure.

Triumph Shift Assist is a standard feature and enables easy up and down gear-shifting without needing to activate the clutch. For tricky hill starts, Triumph’s Hill Hold prevents the bike from rolling backward when setting off on a steep incline, applying the rear brake until sensing the rider is starting to move off. 

Photo: Triumph Motorcycles

To see and be seen, great visibility in any riding condition is ensured by the full LED headlight with a signature Daytime Running Light. Additional visibility and illumination while cornering is provided by the lean-sensitive new Adaptive Cornering Lights. 

Completing the Tiger’s comprehensive technology package are intuitive and easily accessible handlebar controls with a five-way joystick, plus illuminated switches and an under-seat USB charger. The adjustable electronic cruise control eases long stretches of tarmac between the trails. 

Adventure Further

Given the Tiger 1200’s incredible prowess for long-distance travel both on- and off-road, our build will focus on creating a full-sized overlanding motorcycle that doesn’t go overboard with accessories. We’re keeping everything we love about the Tiger 12 and simply supplementing its strengths without being extraneous.

Photo: Triumph Motorcycles

With the Triumph Tiger 1200 as a platform, the Ultimate Overland Motorcycle truly begs for adventure, just as it promises to have your back on the long hauls and in the harshest environments. Needless to say, we have full confidence in the Rally Pro’s abilities, and we are beyond eager to ride it into far reaches of the backcountry over the course of 2023.

MSRP: $22,995.00

Photo by Brett Willhelm


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