Overland Expo is Teaming Up with the BMW MOA at East

Join us for two great events on one awesome weekend! The BMW MOA Motorrad Fest is joining forces with Overland Expo East for one mega motorcycle experience! Whether you’re ADV-curious or a wizened overlander, Overland Expo has activities designed for adventure riders of all skill levels.

The BMW Motorcycle Owners of America is a group of 32,000 BMW motorcycle enthusiasts spanning all 50 United States and ten Canadian provinces.  The MOA has members on all seven continents and it isn’t possible to ride without finding a friendly face. The organization dates back over 40 years to five friends who formed a motorcycle club to stay in touch with each other. 

By partnering with the MOA, Overland Expo is thrilled to invite all riders who love to camp and travel, whether on adventure bikes or otherwise, to join us for more than 300 session-hours of incredible classes, slideshows, demonstrations and activities. Motorcyclists attending East can spend time with old friends and make new ones in the Motorcycle Village and MOA Pavilion and participate in exciting and challenging activities at the Motorcycle Expedition Skills area. 

At Overland Expo, motorcyclists are afforded separate camping arrangements to keep the four-wheelers at bay, and that’s just where the fun begins. Along with hands-on rider training, there are classes and workshops on just about every topic you might be able to imagine, and likely some you can’t. East is full of great vendors to outfit every adventure. You can also demo bikes like the Harley-Davidson Pan America and Yamaha’s Ténéré 700. For those who’ve never had a chance to get behind the handlebars, the Motorcycle Industry Council is hosting their Ride With Us moto intro program that will teach you how to ride for the first time in under an hour!

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Overland Expo East is located at the Oak Ridge Estate in Arrington, Virginia in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains near George Washington National Forest, Jefferson National Forest and Shenandoah National Park. Arrington is about two hours west of Richmond via US 60 and is easily accessible from Columbus, Ohio; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Washington, D.C.; Baltimore, Maryland; Lexington, Kentucky; and Charlotte, North Carolina—though riders from anywhere are more than welcome!

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