Turn Your Overlanding SUV Into A 4×4 Motorhome

Overlanders are inherent adventurers.  We pride ourselves on self-reliance, fortitude, and preparedness.  This is why it’s the journey for us, not necessarily the destination, that’s calling us to load up our rigs for an expedition into the unknown.  

So yes, we love prepping our gear for the trip, planning meals based on food storage capacities and carefully packing the necessities just so in the back of the rig in order to prevent them from wobbling and clanging when we’re driving.  We have no qualms finding a quiet spot in the woods when nature calls, popping up our shower tent, or just hosing down in a nearby lake or river. It’s all just part of the experience, right?

But what if you could nestle all the modern conveniences of a full-service RV into your SUV including a built-in shower, toilet, kitchenette, living area, and sleeping quarters?  

German company GEHOcab has designed the Fiete, a cabin that converts your SUV into a mini overlanding RV.  The cabin basically replaces the trunk and mounts to the chassis at the C-pillar of newer robust SUVs like the Wrangler, Mercedes-G, Defender, and Bronco.  The unit won’t weigh you down or throw off your rig’s balance at just over 1,000 pounds.  Opt for interior carbon fiber components for an even lighter cabin.  

Outfitted with a shower, toilet, kitchen, living space and sleeping area in the cabin for two people, the Fiete brings the creature comforts of home to the road.  And mounted to your off-road capable SUV with a 23-gallon fresh water tank and solar power, this 4×4 motorhome is well equipped for an extended backcountry expedition.  

If you’re a full time traveler or just looking to add comfort to your overland journeys, the GEHOcab Fiete may be a great fit.  GEHOcab will begin taking orders in early October and the conversion will be available for just under $124,000.

Photos Courtesy of GEHOcab

Photo by Brett Willhelm


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