Patriot Campers & 4×4 YouTuber, Ronny Dahl, Kick Off USA Tour at Overland Expo West

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Justin and Sarah from Patriot Campers are about to embark on a massive USA trip, and they are taking 4×4 YouTuber, Ronny Dahl with him.

The trip will be packed with new, innovative products and plans for the trio, starting with Overland Expo West on the 17th – 19th of May 2019.

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Ronny Dahl

Ronny Dahl is one of the biggest influencers in the 4×4 scene in Australia and abroad, with over 239,000 subscribers on YouTube and a cult-like fan following. Eager to get over to the biggest overlanding expo in the USA, Ronny had jumped on a plane with Justin to join the Patriot Campers USA team and to see what other top secret builds Justin has planned to unveil at the expo.

Overland Expo West

Justin will be announcing two new PCOR Supertourer builds on the Patriot Campers stand at Overland Expo West. One of them is still under wraps, and the other build is a Ford PX3 Supertourer.

PCOR Ford Ranger PX3 Launch

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Patriot Campers have already built a PX2 Supertourer back home down under, with the platform being the second most popular 4×4 in Australia. The result is the smallest and most affordable Supertourer ever built. Fitted with the same gear as the LC79 and LC200, the PX2 is a SupertourerTM through and through.

When the Patriot Campers and PCOR teams were given the opportunity to work on the PX3 in the USA, they jumped at the chance. The new PCOR PX3 Supertourer will be unveiled at Overland Expo West this month.

The PX3 is yet to launch, but you can view the PX2 Supertourer online now at

Top Secret Build Collaboration

Patriot Campers have also been involved in one of the biggest purpose-build overlanding truck builds the world has seen to date, which is set to be unveiled at Overland Expo West this month.

PCOR (Patriot Campers Off Road) is a segment of the Patriot Campers manufacturing facility in Australia, which specifically focuses on the engineering and production of purpose-built 4×4 systems for specific PCOR approved overlanding vehicles. PCOR will be assisting in this build by designing and producing purpose-built PCOR products, adding this new build to the list of PCOR approved overlanding vehicles.

To find out about the full PCOR range, visit:

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