This Company Is Planning to Build a 758-HP V8-Powered 2021 Bronco

Just as the initial rush of adrenaline we got from learning about the all-new 2021 Ford Bronco was beginning wearing off, we got another big shot. That’s because Paxpower is planning to build a V8-powered Bronco of its own.

As a bit of refresher, the all-new Bronco will be initially be powered by one of two engines from the factory: a 2.3-liter EcoBoost four-cylinder or a 2.7-liter EcoBoost V6. Both put out impressive power, between 270 and 310 horsepower — nothing to sneeze at.

Apparently this wasn’t enough for the folks at Paxpower. The Texas-based brand has announced (through our friends at TFL) that it plans to build 2021 Broncos with 5.0-liter Coyote V8 engines stuffed under their hoods. The Paxpower V8’d Broncos will be offered in two levels: 400- and 758-horsepower variants.

The 400-hp version will be naturally aspirated. The 758 ponies, however, will be thanks to an additional supercharger bolted to the Coyote V8.


Get ready to pay dearly for this sizable power upgrade, though. Paxpower is estimating a $30,000 premium for the 400-hp version and an additional $15,000 on top of that — for a total of $45,000 — for the supercharged version. Don’t forget, that price doesn’t include the Bronco itself.

Why is it so expensive? Well, the research and design won’t be cheap. Nor will the engines and superchargers. But a not-insignificant portion of that premium will come from the purchase of another 10-speed automatic transmission.

Yes, the Bronco can be option with a 10-speed auto from the factory. Not surprisingly, though, that 10 isn’t rated to handle 400 ponies — let alone 758. So, you’ll need to stouter unit.

Would you choose a $75,000 V8-powered Bronco as your overland rig? As sweet as it is, we’re not sure we would.

One of the rules of thumb for long distance overland travel is to do so in a vehicle with a stock engine. This is both for durability but also parts availability. Finding a remote mechanic to fix your 2021 Bronco might be tough. Finding one that can repair a heavily modified one is even rarer.

You can learn all about the Paxpower V8 Bronco from the below TFL video.

Header image credit: Paxpower

Written by Nick Jaynes. You can follow Nick @nickjaynes

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