REVER’s Navigational Challenge Is Now Live!

REVER Challenge Highlights The Best Of Flagstaff’s Backroads For 2W and 4W Expo Attendees

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REVER, the world’s leading navigation, planning, tracking, and sharing app brings the REVER Challenge to Overland Expo–West. This Challenge consists of 40 Points of Interest (POIs) spread over 100 miles in every direction from the Overland Expo–West. Any Overland attendee can take part, 2W or 4W.  The Overland Challenge is now live, allowing attendees to discover POIs as they make their way to this year’s Expo. POIs include everything from natural landmarks, to roadside attractions, kitschy tourist traps, to totally off-the-beaten-path desolation.

Scan the REVER QR code here to download the app or get started with the challenge!

Scan the REVER QR code here to download the app or get started with the challenge!

The Overland Expo Challenge is free to join, simply download REVER from the Apple or Android App Stores.  

Connect with REVER @

Or just scan the QR code.  


REVER’s Justin Bradshaw

REVER’s Justin Bradshaw

REVER’s Justin Bradshaw presents Ride Planning 101.  Motorcycle racer, adventurer and world traveler will share his tips and tactics from his experiences in creating Butler Maps, Backcountry Discovery Routes and REVER Moto.

Slow Race


REVER’s Corey Eastman will serve as MC for the Slow Race.  Be ready for a brake dragging, clutch slipping, good time as riders try to show who is the slowest of them all.  


This year’s Moto Party will be epic.  REVER is hosting the affair featuring micro brews from Mother Road Brewing, tons of cool motorcycle swag, interviews and stories from ADV legends.



The REVER app, available for free on iOS and Android, works in conjunction with the REVER website to help riders discover the world’s best roads, create custom routes, track epic rides, compete for bragging rights, and share their riding experiences across social platforms. Since the app launched, REVER users have tracked millions of miles on motorcycle rides in over 125 countries around the world. For more information, visit or download the REVER mobile applications.

Download the Free app here:




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