Rock Slide’s Truck Bed ‘R-Step’ Helps Ease Access

Photo By: R-Step

As practical as pickup trucks are, there’s no denying it can be tough to get into the rear bed at times, especially if the chassis has a lift kit, further raising the bed height. While truck makers have addressed this issue at various times with “step-side” variants, in-bumper steps, and fancy tailgates, aftermarket solutions have historically seemed to be limited to packing a stepladder or a sturdy crate with your kit and using it as needed. It’s not a bad solution, but one that can be tricky on uneven or soft ground or useless if you forget to bring it.

Photo by Rock Slide Engineering

Utah-based Rock Slide Engineering has come up with a more elegant solution called the R-Step, which is a self-contained two-step mini-ladder that neatly folds into a compact undercarriage-mounted casing when not in use, so it comes along on every trip by default. It comes in two sizes: a 9-inch wide version for $499.99 and a 16-inch wide model for $549.99. A $200 mounting kit may also be required, depending on your fitment needs, but the company says they are “developing platform-specific brackets for a bolt-on application.”

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Rock Slide says the company designed the R-Step “to provide a comfortable approach for getting safely in and out of your truck bed when hooking up a trailer or retrieving gear.” Seems like it would also be very handy for loading in gear and just easing general access to the truck bed.

Photo by Rock Slide Engineering

The R-Step features a precision folding mechanism and both steel and aluminum construction with bare metal components and some black powder coating. It folds neatly into a shallow protective box that mounts to the vehicle. You can see it in action on their Instagram page. The company does not currently list a weight limit for the R-Step.

Rock Slide Engineering shows the R-Step as “shipping soon.” Check their site for updates.

Photo by Brett Willhelm


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