Roofnest Embraces Electric Vehicles with Next-Gen Rooftop Tents

Ever the innovator, Roof Nest has revealed its plans to support the electrification of mass-market vehicles by optimizing its future line of rooftop tents for electric vehicles. By continuing to prioritize the use of lightweight materials and enhancing aerodynamic efficiency in future products, Roofnest is fully committed to being the definitive rooftop brand for electric vehicles.

Image by Roofnest

As of Earth Day, Friday, April 22, 2022, electric-vehicle owners who purchase a Roofnest rooftop tent can receive up to a $225 rebate. This rebate bridges the gap between today’s EVs and Roofnest’s future EV-optimized tent models, incentivizing current EV owners to adopt rooftop camping and reflecting Roofnest’s appreciation of early EV adopters in the adventure-vehicle market.

The issue of climate change truly hits home for Roofnest. In late 2021, nearly 1,000 homes were destroyed in a wildfire that ripped through Boulder County, Colorado, the home of Roofnest. In the wake of that fire, Roofnest and its employees knew they had to do their part to counteract climate change and help prevent future wildfires.

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“We at Roofnest believe the future of camping is electric,” said Roofnest Founder Tim Nickles. “But while we work on our next generations of tents, we wanted to thank those who have already made the switch to electric as we gear up for Roofnest’s EV future.”

Nearly every major automaker has committed to electrifying their entire portfolio in the coming years. Similarly, Roofnest has already begun designing its next generation of rooftop tents optimized for electric vehicles. Through the development of more efficient and sustainable products, Roofnest aims to make camping and outdoor exploration more accessible for drivers of electrified vehicles, while simultaneously encouraging more people to adopt EVs.

“Compared to a traditional rooftop tent, Roofnest’s hard-shell rooftop tents are a natural fit with EVs, due to their lower aerodynamic impact. What’s more, many Roofnest models feature a dedicated mount location for flexible solar panels, allowing Roofnest owners to power their camp gear from the sun,” said Turner Sessions, Roofnest Product Development Lead at Roofnest. “Roofnest’s next generation of tents will further enhance EV owners’ ability to camp and explore nature with a minimal environmental impact. This helps ensure generations to come will continue to enjoy our world’s natural spaces.”

The next generation of Roofnest tents will be optimized to meet the needs of EV drivers and their vehicles, enabling EV owners to experience camping with a low-impact rooftop tent that’s ideal for any EV. Customers can visit the dedicated Roofnest EV page to learn more.

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