Rooftop Tent: 23 Zero Armadillo A2

Photo By: 23 Zero

The new 23 Zero Armadillo A2 is a rugged, 14 GA, fully welded, Aluminum, 4-season, hard-shell roof-top-tent. It’s uniquely and aerodynamic styled with semi-textured, high-gloss, black, trail-hardened finish ready to deflect low hanging branches or high-speed roadways in all conditions. The hard shell come fitted with 2 x fixed roof rails, which can hold up to 60 pounds.

The lift and fold out design allows for easy and quick deployment with a gas strut assisted opening and closing functionality, doing most of the work for you, perfect for long stays or the quick overnighter.

It has a stargazing window so on those clear nights, you can release and roll up the flysheet, unzip the roof window and look up at the stars. Sleeping bags, pillows, and blankets can be stowed neatly inside. Storage conveniences includes two internal power pack pockets (power pack not included), two Internal storage pockets, external shoe pockets and external gear pocket.

Photo by 23 Zero

It also includes our proprietary Light Suppression Technology® (LST®) – a leading-edge fabric, which is a combination of UV treatment and an advanced Polyurethane coating maintaining up to 15% cooler temperatures inside the tent. And there is almost zero light penetration until any windows are opened so you can sleep better than ever before in our roof-top tents. Early summer sunrises, being bathed in light and sweating are a thing of the past! Control the light – control your comfort.

The 2.0-inch Rebound Foam® mattress is newly engineered with a higher latex content to resume its original shape much faster than traditional high-density foam roof-top-tent mattresses. It feels firmer even though on paper it has the same specs as its predecessor. Side-sleepers will not slowly sink to the bottom. A water-resistant, breathable, removable, and quilted topper in 23 Zero olive green ensures comfort while matching the internal quilted headliner.

The Armadillo A2 can be purchased with a right or left side deployment option which allows for optimized placement on your choice of overland rig ranging from smaller crossovers and wagons to bed mounted mid-sized 4×4s, to monster custom builds. It comes in two sizes, the A2 which is a two-person tent, and the A3 which is a three-person tent – see our website for all the dimensions, tech specs and other informative details.

MSRP: $3,795.00

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