Rossmönster Debuts ‘Lagom’ Pop-Up Sleeper System

Photo By: Rossmönster

There’s no shortage of rooftop tents on the market to choose from, so Colorado-based Rossmönster has taken a different tack with their new Lagom rack and rooftop sleeper. The Lagom series features a hard-sided design, but instead of the typical wedge shape when deployed, the Lagom adds what appears to be a second story to your overlanding outfit.

Photo by Rossmönster

The Lagom features hard sides that fold into the top section like an accordion, along with two full-height solid windows that tuck into the roof when the Lagom is in transport mode. Deploying the Lahom involves simply lifting the top of the roof structure, which is then helped up by four struts. The roof section can also hold a ventilation fan and solar panels, depending on how buyers option the system.

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Once deployed, the sleeper section is spacious and allows in copious light through the two large windows, front and rear. The front window also stows easily to create an open-air perch at the front of the Lagom. Window covers for privacy are also included.

Besides the novel upper section, the Lagom can be customized with a number of overlanding essentials, including a Goal Zero Yeti 1500 battery, the aforementioned AC unit, roof rails, solar panels, MOLLE panels, an exterior ladder, and a low-profile LED light bar.

Photo by Rossmönster

Photo by Rossmönster

Photo by Rossmönster

Photo by Rossmönster

The Lagom base setup starts at $14,000 and goes up from there, with the $17,000 Base Plus adding the Yeti 1500, 200-watt solar panel, a MaxxAir fan, and dimmable LED interior lighting. Tack on another $4,000 to add the Expedition Package, which includes roof rails, MOLLE panels, an exterior ladder, and a slim Baja Designs LED light bar, among other perks.

According to Rossmönster, the Lagom will fit Toyota Tacomas from 2016 and later with either five or six-foot beds, all Jeep Gladiator models, and Ford F-150s with 6.5-foot beds from 2015 to 2020 model years. Want to try before you buy? Rossmönster will let you rent out a Lagom from its HQ in Longmont, Colorado, headquarters for $205 per day. Rossmönster also sells a complete turn-key overlanding rig, the Baja, which is based on a Ford F-150, for $175,000, along with other customized trucks and vans.

Photo by Brett Willhelm


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