These Sandals Keep Your Overland Bike Rides (and Toes) Cool

Shimano kicked off the first day of July by revealing its 25th anniversary edition of its now-iconic SD50 clipless-pedal sandals called the SD-501A.

The special-edition SD-501As feature the same classic design. However, they have a few design nods to the sandal’s legacy: the original 1995 logo as well as an outline of Iowa, the Hawkeye State, in honor of the 1974 Register’s Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa that kicked off the original SD50 craze, embossed in the padded heel strap.

More than just adding much-needed breathability for summertime rides, the strapped design of the sandal accommodates all types of foot shapes, which enables a large swath of bikers to strap a pair on for comfortable warm-weather rides.

Shimano SD-501A. | Shimano

Shimano SD-501A. | Shimano

Despite looking deeply dorky with socked feet clad with sandals, these SD-501As could make the perfect edition to an overland journey during which you plan to go on a few extended bike rides — especially if you don’t have a shower on your rig. These Shimanos could really help keep the post-ride stink down in your rig.

It’s sort of funny to think that there once was an era in which cyclists had to live without clipless-pedal-compatible sandals, forced to choose a closed-toe shoe or strap their sandals into their pedals like some sort of animal. I am glad we’re living during the quarter-century with the SD50s — and now the SD-501A.

The Shimano SD-501A sandals should be at your local retailer now priced at $130.00.

Header image credit: Shimano

Photo by Brett Willhelm


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