These Ground Tents Protect You from the Elements and, Well, the Ground

We’ve all been there.  You’ve enjoyed a relaxing evening by the campfire and just settled into your sleeping bag in your ground tent.  And then boom — the skies open up and Mother Nature runs a river right under your once cozy tent set up.  

If you’re not into sleeping on hard, rocky surfaces — or in soggy sleeping bags — then a platformed ground tent might be right for you. 

Here are a couple of options to ponder when considering elevating your ground tent experience.  

The Shore Tent by SmithFly is a fully inflatable 8’x8’ tent that comes stocked with a 6-inch thick interior inflatable floor that can be aired up or down to suit your preference. The topper, rain fly and bottom materials are made from a durable, weatherproof PVC and are outfitted with zippered mesh doors and windows for ventilation. Plus, there are no pesky poles to deal with, just air it up!  Add on the Udex modular platform to go underneath and keep the tent off of the ground entirely.

Photo Credit: Kamp-Rite

Photo Credit: Kamp-Rite

The Kamp-Rite Compact Double Tent Cot is a 2-person traditional ground tent that is easy to set up and tear down.  The heavy-duty tent material offers two zippered, mesh entries, a fitted and waterproof Kamp-Rite rain fly, and comes with a convenient and compact roller wheeled carrying bag.  This set up also comes standard with a powder-coated steel frame raised platform to elevate your tent to deter invasions from ground-dwelling bugs and critters.  

Header image credit: Smithfly

Article by Jessica Kirchner

Photo by Brett Willhelm


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