Snorkel: ARB Safari Snorkel

We aren’t probably going to make many deep water crossings with our 4Runner. But we will spend hundreds of miles traversing dusty roads. And few additions to an overland vehicle build provide as much utility in extreme driving conditions as a snorkel, especially in preventing dust from getting into the engine.

The ARB Safari Snorkel raises the intake piping from the engine compartment and in line with the roof of the vehicle to suck in the maximum volume of cold, clean air. 

New ARMAX technology is a result of air-flow testing to ensure that the raised air snorkel provides the same, or better air intake than the already efficient stock intake. ARB claims an extra ten percent flow rate over stock, providing plenty of air for the addition of power adders down the road.


The Safari snorkel is built with thick, UV-stable polyethylene to provide many years of service in the harshest of conditions. The air ram, unique to the Safari snorkel, not only directs cold and clean air to the engine, it also works to divert rain water from the intake path. In extreme cases, the air ram can be twisted to face the rear of the vehicle to avoid harsh dust and heavy rain. 

Unlike snorkel kits of old, the Safari Snorkel from ARB comes as a comprehensive kit with all of the required hoses and connection hardware needed for your specific application. The connection hose is constructed of EPDM rubber providing maximum flow from the snorkel body to the intake manifold. Installation instructions, including a drill template, are a part of each package.

  • Vehicle specific design and factory airbox adaption fit

  • Manufactured using durable, UV stable cross linked polyethylene material.

  • Designed and manufactured in Australia.

Image credit: ARB USA

Photo by Brett Willhelm


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