Staff Gear Picks: Nick Jaynes, Director of Communications

I am a single, dog-owning native Oregonian. I’ve built a dozen or so overland vehicles for my own personal use in the last decade. Most of which are outfitted to accommodate two adults and a pup for about a week or so here in the Pacific Northwest.

Over those years and across those rigs, I’ve tested a lot of gear. And I’ve whittled my list of favorite gear down. Looking at the massive list below, it might not seem as though it was whittled down. Believe me, it has been.

This list is generally vehicle agnostic, but focuses most on a mid-size truck. I primarily imagined my 2022 Ford Ranger XLT, my current favorite overland rig, when creating this list. But most of these things could be bolted to virtually any rig.

Without further ado, and in order of how they came to my mind, here are my personal favorite overland pieces of kit.

1. Rooftop tent: Roofnest – Falcon Pro

Photo by Roofnest

2. Awning: Roofnest – Litewing Awning

Photo by Guy Pickrell

3. Shovel: GP Factor – CS-1

4. Winch bumper: ARB Bull Bars

Photo by ARB

5. Winch: Comeup – Slimseal 12.5 RS

Photo by Comeup

6. Recovery kit: AEV – Recovery Kit

7. Traction boards: MAXTRAX

8. Traction board mount: MAXTRAX – Rear wheel harness

9. Camp chair: KOVEA – Field Luxury Chair

10. Stove: KOVEA – Slim Twin

11. Camp rug: Mad Mats – Casbah Camp Rug

Photo by Ashlie Rene

12. Camp table: KOVEA – Bamboo One Action Table

Kovea AL Bamboo Table
Kovea AL Bamboo One Action Table | Image by Nomadica Outfitters

13. Replacement seat: scheel-mann – Vario F

Photo by scheel-mann

14. Off-road jack: Hi-Lift Jack – First Responder

Photo by Hi-Lift Jack

15. Camp cookware: KOVEA – Triple Stainless Cookware

Photo by KOVEA

16. Camp utensils: Frontrunner – Camp Kitchen Utensil Set

Photo by Frontrunner

17. Ax: Woox – Forte-X

Photo by Forte X

18. Fridge: Dometic – CFX3 45

Photo by Josh Ashcroft

19. Fridge slide: Tembo Tusk – Jumbo front pull fridge slide

Photo by Tembo Tusk

20. Roof rack: Rhino Rack – Pioneer Platform

Photo by Rhino-Rack

21. Suspension: Old Man Emu – BP-51

Photo by ARB

22. Drawers: DECKED – Drawer System

Photo by DECKED

23. Bed rack: Leitner Designs – Active Cargo System Forged

Photo by Nick Jaynes

24. Radio: Midland – MXT-575

Photo by Midland

25. Storage bag: Step22 Gear – Stingray Flat Box

Photo by Step 22

26. Storage box: Front Runner Outfitters – Wolf Pack

Wolf Pack | Image by Frontrunner

27. Camp sink: Seattle Sports Outfitter – Classic Jumbo Camp Sink

28. Multi-tool: Gerber Gear – Center-Drive

Photo by Gerber Gear

29. Tires: Firestone – X/T

Photo by Firestone

30. Air compressor: ARB – Twin scroll

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