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Photo By: David duChemin
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In response to the overwhelming popularity of the 2023 Creator Area and the associated Content Creator Panel discussions we held last year, Overland Expo has added a new multi-purpose area called the Storytelling Pavilion at all of our 2024 shows. This space will include a teaching area tent that will host education on topics related to content creation, such as photography clinics with incredibly talented photographers, “how to” classes on everything from video creation to launching a podcast, and stories from folks who are traveling around the country and around the world.

In addition, a select group of content creators will be camped with their rigs around this space, so if you’re looking to chat with or get an in-person tour of the rig of an overlander you’ve been following for a while, this will be your chance. Here are a handful of the many faces you will see in this area.

Jason Darrah – @PrimalOutdoors

Jason Darrah is an outdoor videographer and photographer living the van life in Central Oregon. He shares his journey on his popular YouTube channel, Primal Outdoors. Jason’s videos feature his camping and overlanding adventures in his Ford E350 4×4 van conversion throughout the thousands of square miles of national forests and public land (BLM) found throughout the western United States. Jason enjoys capturing his adventures in a fun and inspiring way, with the intent that his videos and photographs will excite and inspire others to create their own overland and van life adventures in the outdoors.

Check out Jasons adventures @primaloutdoors

Taisa Welhasch & Ernesto Lopez – @OverlandTheAmericas

Taisa and Ernesto have explored over 30 countries since 2015, traveling through the Americas, Europe, and Africa in their Toyota trucks.

As the primary trip planner, Taisa scoped out epic outdoor adventures including hiking, backpacking, and diving in over a hundred national parks. An adventure traveler, through and through, she will tell you that going off the beaten path for a beautiful view or to find the best local cuisine is a must, as is a pair of traction boards. Taisa is in her element when practicing yoga, learning from the locals, or sharing snacks on top of a mountain. 

Ernesto has traveled across 48 countries, 38 of them by vehicle. He is passionate about photography, sustainable travel and world culture. You’ll find him at his happiest when camping, hiking, or driving along a scenic dirt road. Ernesto is a Venezuelan-American based in the Pacific Northwest and is co-owner of Evergreen Offroad, an online retail store for overland supplies, 4X4 gear and customized vehicle outfitting. As a true outdoor enthusiast, he feels honored to help others prepare for their dream adventures. 

Follow along @overlandtheamericas

David duChemin – @davidduchemin

David duChemin is a photographer, writer, and explorer based in Vancouver Island, Canada. Born into a military family, he’s been traveling since childhood. His last name means “of the road” in French, so he comes by his nomadic lifestyle honestly. David has worked as a humanitarian photographer for the International NGO community in places like the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Haiti, Lesotho, Mongolia, and more.

After an accident in 2011, David left humanitarian photography and turned his lens towards wilder subjects. He now spends much of his year pursuing encounters with wolves, bears, sharks, and rhinoceros, among others, and guiding other photographers on expeditions to do the same. He moonlights with Apple as a Creative Storytelling Specialist and makes himself available on a limited basis for keynote speaking opportunities. Overland Expo is thrilled to feature David’s two classes on storytelling through photography.

Find David’s inspiring work @davidduchemin

Misti Tokarsky – @LadyOverlanderRadio

Misti Tokarsky, “Barefoot Overlander,” is a podcaster, mother, overlander, and military veteran. She and her husband and three children traveled full-time for five years straight; overlanding full-time for three of those five years. She and her podcast partner, Arla Cress, run the Lady Overlander Radio podcast. You can find the video version of the podcast live on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, and the audio version on Google Podcast, Amazon Music, iHeartRadio, Apple Podcast, Spotify, Anchor, Stitcher, and RadioPublic. You can find Misti on social media on her family travel vlog, The Day We Make, where she captures the travel and educational experiences she and her family encounter while traveling and homeschooling on the road. Misti will be hosting the Women Who Wander space at Overland Expo PNW, teaching female-specific classes throughout the event. But she’ll pop over to the Storytelling Pavilion to teach a class about how to launch a podcast.

Aaron King – @DeepSnap

Aaron King, also known as DeepSnap, is a filmmaker and adventure photographer with over 1 Million followers on social media. He produces content for several major brands and was highlighted in YouTube’s 2020 Super Bowl commercial.

Aaron is the founder of Grumpy Bear Coffee, a venture that merges his love for coffee with an outdoor lifestyle. He also dedicates time each week to authoring a newsletter that shares the practical wisdom he has gathered from two decades of adventure and entrepreneurship.

Whether capturing moments behind the lens or sipping coffee by the river, Aaron’s approachable style and commitment to his crafts resonate with adventurers and creatives alike. Overland Expo attendees will have an incredible opportunity to learn from this dynamic filmmaker during Aaron’s session: How to Make Your Travel Films More Cinematic.

Up your photo and video knowledge by following Aaron @deepsnap

Cara and Matt McClellan – @OzarkOverlandAdventures

Cara and Matt McClellan are full-time YouTubers with a goal to be living on the road and overlanding full-time by the fall of 2025. Between now and then, they will be living the best life they can— creating as much content as they can and growing their YouTube subscriber and support base. What started as exploring the beautiful Ozark National Forrest on a weekend adventure with just a Jeep and some camping gear has turned into a passion to see and experience as much as possible.

As Cara and Matt explore more and more, they want to pass on the adventure to others by inspiring them to get off the pavement and experience these amazing places firsthand. Check out their class, “So You Want to be a YouTuber,” where they will share advice on how to get started, realistic expectations for growth and finances, cameras and computer hardware, and general tips and tricks to help you get started.

Follow along on Cara and Matt’s adventures @OzarkOverlandAdventures

Image by Michael Ladden

Michael Ladden – @DriveTheGlobe

Michael Ladden has explored over 120 countries on 5 continents. He founded Drive The Globe Overland Adventures in 1996 and completed a vintage Land Rover expedition across 8,000 miles of the African wilderness in 2001. He has led expeditions from the Arctic Circle to the jungles of the African Congo and Timbuktu. Michael has 25 years of experience outfitting Unimogs, Land Rovers, Military trucks, and Jeeps. He has been on the road full time for 4 years in his ex-army overland truck along with his KTM adventure bike. When not traveling, Michael is an avid cyclist and pilot. Attend Michael’s classes to learn how he has managed to bridge the gap between YouTube and Instagram, having amassed huge followings on both platforms.

Stay up-to-date on Michael’s next big adventure @drivetheglobe

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