The Bronco Experience is Heading East

Photo By: John Allen

Last weekend, attendees of Overland Expo West had the opportunity to ride shotgun as a Ford Performance driver took them around the Overland Expo Off-Road Course. Not only did attendees get a front-row seat as the Broncos conquered each obstacle, but the drivers explained the features that contribute to the Bronco’s trail capability.

Bronco Experience at Overland Expo West

Bronco Experience at Overland Expo West

Bronco Experience at Overland Expo West

In cross axle sections, the hydraulic anti-roll-bar disconnect kept the tires in contact with the trail to maximize traction. While this feature isn’t standard on all Broncos, those without it still conquered the course with plenty of articulation and a bit of throttle control. When equipped with the Sasquatch package, the Bronco features impressive approach and departure angles of 43.2 degrees and 37.0 degrees. This allowed the trucks to easily roll over the steep inclines and off the back without fear of making contact.

While they weren’t needed on the Overland Expo Driving Course, the Broncos feature plenty of undercarriage protection. Black Diamond and Badlands models get a standard front “bash plate” and underbody protection for the engine, transmission, transfer case, and fuel tank. These keep components protected and offer peace of mind while traversing rugged terrain.

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One of the most helpful features, especially when navigating tight turns in 4-wheel drive, is the trail turn assist. This system uses torque vectoring to tighten the turn radius and allows you to traverse switchbacks without the need for a three-point-turn. I was truly impressed when the Bronco took a tight turn with the 4WD engaged, just as easily as it would turn in a parking lot.

Of course, first-hand experience of the Bronco’s trail capability was the main draw of the Bronco Experience, but it wasn’t the only benefit to stopping by the display. Attendees had the opportunity to check out nearly all of the Bronco trim levels in person, and there was a display of all thirteen paint colors available between the 2021 and 2022 models.

Bronco Experience at Overland Expo West

Bronco Experience at Overland Expo West

The interior of the new Ford Bronco

Manual shifter in a new Ford Bronco.

Interior of the new Ford Bronco.

The Bronco has a certain “old school cool” exterior design, and it seems to draw you in like a nice vintage rig. However, the interior is all business, but what business depends on the trim package. You can choose the more utilitarian options, including drain holes in the floorboard, or you can go a more luxurious route with leather seats and details.

Regardless of that choice, the Bronco features excellent tech to help keep you moving forward on the trail. From the GOAT Mode selector to the in-dash pitch and roll displays. You can select the most useful combination of front, rear, and 360- degree cameras, and

You can experience the all-new Bronco at Overland Expo East, but this time we’re taking the experience to the trail. Oak Ridge Estates has its own trail system, so the Broncos will be stretching their legs in their natural environment. Be on the lookout for the Ford Bronco Trail Experience area at Overland Expo East. You can still purchase tickets for Overland Expo East at the link below.

Photo by Brett Willhelm


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