Tis the Season to Get and Give Great Gear!

Looking for some gift ideas for the adventurers in your life? Overland Expo’s Exhibitors Page is a great place to start! Our staff hand picked five great gifts (from exhibitors past and present) they would love to see under the tree. There’s something for every taste and budget. Read on to learn more about these great items and why we love them!

Camp Champ Mobile Deluxe Kitchen$5995.00
When your outdoor adventures require gastronomic adventures to go along with them, the Camp Champ Mobile Kitchen is there for you. This turnkey kitchen includes everything you need to prepare epicurean delights in the most remote places. A full set of Italian cooking pans, an array of J.A. Henckels knives, Partner stove, and much more, sure it’s pricey, but you’re paying for perfection! – Anthony Sicola, Sales Manager

Griffin Pocket Tool Mini– from $20 (stainless steel) 
I thought this was a gimmick until a friend put one on our Ford F350’s keyring. About as bulky as a key, it looks like a little bottle opener but does much more than open beer bottles (which is not a bad thing): box opener, flat head screw driver, scoring tool, bit holder, prying tool, plus four wrenches. I’ve used it weekly since October, and find myself wishing I had one on every truck’s keyring. Also in titanium and brass. – Roseann Hanson, Director

ISC compact pulley from Sherrill Tree: $141.00
A pulley that weighs 1 lb and has a MBS of 19000 lbs! Every recovery kit needs 3 of these! – Graham Jackson, Training Director

Clearwater Motorcycle Lights:—from $379
As an adventure rider, I try to not ride at night, but there are times when it is inevitable in order to find a place to sleep. Recently, I found myself on a dirt road at sunset, thinking it would be only a few miles of gravel, and it turned into 50 miles of hairpin turns on the side of a mountain. I was thankful to have a powerful set of Clearwater Lights lighting up the way, making navigation easier through the tight terrain. I highly recommend them for any motorcyclist. – Alison DeLapp, Assistant Director

The Java Can: $149.99
Why settle for less than cafe quality coffee on the trail? Throw away the nescafe and sip freshly ground and brewed coffee of the highest caliber.  When you’re done, the whole setup packs nicely into a stylish ammo can box. – Cyan Samone, Community Relations Coordinator

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