Trips &Trails: Titus Canyon, Death Valley National Park

Titus Canyon is the most popular backcountry road in Death Valley National Park – and for good reason, on the Titus Canyon Trail, you’re treated to colorful rock formations, rare plants, rugged mountains, Bighorn Sheep, narrow canyons, ancient petroglyphs, and Rhyolite ghost town!

Image:    paname_panam

Image: paname_panam

Titus Canyon is a scenic out-and-back road located in Death Valley National Park. A park entrance fee is required to get to the trailhead. The trail can be completed in a few hours, but be prepared to spend a significant amount of time enjoying the scenery, exploring a ghost town, or take one of the many hikes accessible from this road.

Image: FunTreks /    OnX Offroad

Image: FunTreks / OnX Offroad

Getting There

Head northeast from Stovepipe Wells or north from Furnace Creek on Highway 190 and connect to Highway 374 heading northeast towards Beatty, NV. Turn left on well-marked road 6.5 miles east of state line. Start is 6.2 miles southwest of Beatty, NV.

Image:  jocelinsnow

Image: jocelinsnow

The road is one-way from the east terminus; this dirt road is rough, steep and narrow, and is often closed due to snow, mud, or wash outs. The two-way section from the west is a graded dirt road. The road is Infrequently patrolled and summer travel not advised due to heat. Titus Canyon is prone to flash flooding, so avoid entering when rain threatens. Ask at ranger stations for current road and weather conditions.


Time: 2-3 hours, but plan to stay MUCH longer.

Distance: 26 miles

Fuel: available at Stovepipe Wells

Water: Plan to bring more water than you anticipate requiring. Anticipate more than one gallon of water per person per day, especially in summer months.

Permits: Titus Canyon is in Death Valley National Park. A park pass is required to drive this road

Other considerations: Rainy weather makes the roads incredibly slick and sometimes impassable. Check with Stovepipe Wells Ranger Station (760) 786-2342 for weather and conditions updates.

Header Photo: Adventure Ready

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