Ural Upfitter: Kalaber Creations

Photo By: Kalaber Creations

Kalaber Creations sells new and used Ural motorcycles, in addition to providing services and repairs for 750 CC Urals, along with custom modifications. They manufacture the most rugged and reliable products for off-road use.

Hitch Mount Luggage Rack

Kalaber’s aluminum Cargo Basket comes with a metal bracket that plugs into the Multi-Purpose Winch Mount. It can carry over 50 pounds of firewood, a cooler, cases, or whatever else you’d like to bring along on your adventure.

Photo by Kalaber Creations

MSRP: $369.00

Gen 3 Winch Mount 

 Kalaber’s first-ever Winch Mount Bar for Ural Motorcycles has now a slightly new look. With a removable front extension to work on the engine and a tension snub bolts to keep it from rattling, the Multi-Purpose Winch Mount fits all Ural Motorcycles models and years with a right sidecar. 

Photo by Kalaber Creations

The winch mount bar might look simple, but it is a robust and versatile piece of engineering. The winch mount bar is attached to the main frame of the Ural, between the sidecar and the bike. The mount bar is designed to receive the winch plate at the front or the back of it with a strong, secure 1/2” bolt. This allows you to pull your bike from the back in situations where the nose of it is stuck, and the easiest way out is to back up. In addition, the mount bar is also compatible with a 1 1/4 hitch receiver, allowing you to install a rear rack on the Ural. 

MSRP: $559.00

Nose Rack

Kalaber makes numerous racks for different mounting points on the Ural. The nose rack is made of rugged aluminum and mounted to the front of the sidecar.

Fitted with leather straps, the nose rack holds bags and gear. Generously sized and tapered to fit the nose of the sidecar, the rack multiplies the useable amount of storage on the bike.

MSRP: $269.00

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