Explore Further with the Volcon Grunt EV Motorcycle

Austin, TX area based Volcon, Inc. just announced their first all electric offroad motorcycle they’re calling Grunt. Volcon says, “the Grunt will be an easy-to ride, all-terrain, off-road motorcycle designed for exploring the outdoors.”

The Grunt’s mid-drive motor supplies up to 50 horsepower and 75 ft./lbs. of torque through a single-speed chain driven rear wheel. The bike has a maximum speed of 60 miles per hour which can be achieved from a standing start in about six seconds. The Grunt has a range of 100 miles on a single charge, however the batteries are hot-swappable – so you can extend your explorations further afield. Batteries can be recharged in just two hours using any household outlet.

volcon (1).jpeg

On the exterior, the Grunt is a practical, nimble, utilitarian moto with a large cushioned seat, LED headlight and tail light, standard fat tires, 12-inches of ground clearance, front and rear suspension, and a powertrain that is completely waterproof. So much so, that Volcon says it can be ridden underwater without fear of stalling out while crossing rivers or streams.

The Grunt will start with a $5,995.00 price tag and will have a host of optional accessories available to help you hunt, play, or work including; racks, rifle and fishing equipment mounts, hitches, and more. There is no weight information available at this time.

The Volcon Grunt looks to be a solid contender for a packable bike to continue your backcountry explorations when the road gets too overgrown for your overland rig.

Learn more at Volcon.

Photos: Volcon, Inc.

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