If This New Ad Doesn’t Make You Want a Bronco, Nothing Will

Ford is preparing to reveal the all-new Bronco on July 13th (and we’ll be there to cover it). Ahead of that momentous debut, the Blue Oval has released a new ad for the iconic 4×4 narrated by Walter Whi—I mean Bryan Cranston.

If you hadn’t already heard, the new Bronco nameplate will find its way onto a series of vehicles, a two- and four-door model as well as a smaller Bronco Sport.

Ford will be creating a series of “Off-Rodeo” outdoor adventure playgrounds in four U.S. locations for customers to test the Bronco out for themselves. Ford is taking the experience online, too, with the Bronco Nation — “an independent online community that enables owners and enthusiasts to share and discover off-roading adventures including trails.”

If you’re already hooked, you can get your place in line for one of the all-new Broncos with a $100 refundable deposit.

Check back here on Overland Expo Compass on July 13th at 8PM Eastern for all the official details on the all-new Ford Bronco.

Header image credit: Ford Motor Company

Photo by Brett Willhelm


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