Jeep Steals ‘Best-in-Class’ Title(s) from Bronco

Ford just started (finally) shipping Broncos to its dealerships to fulfill the long-awaited customer orders. On the heels of that announcement, Jeep went and one-upped the all-new Bronco by snatching back some best-in-class titles.

Let the 4×4 wars begin!

Jeep bests Bronco thanks to its all-new Xtreme Recon package. Available on Wrangler 4-door and Wrangler Rubicon 392 models, Xtreme Recon adds LT315/70R17C (35-inch) BF Goodrich KO2 All-Terrain Tires, 17-inch x 8-inch Beadlock Capable Wheels, 4.56:1 Axle Ratio, and 1.5-inch Factory Suspension Lift with uniquely tuned shocks.

Photo: Jeep

Photo: Jeep

This Wrangler with 35s (from the factory) is capable of some impressive stuff, thanks to its industry-first 100:1 crawl ratio, when owners opt for 4.88:1 axles — also from the factory. Xtreme Recon improves other specs, too, earning it best-in-class approach angle (47.7 degrees), departure angle (40.4 degrees), ground clearance (12.9 inches), and water fording depth (33.6 inches).


We all knew that Jeep wasn’t going to take the Bronco launch lying down. I am super excited to see Jeep step up so quickly and make some changes that knock the Bronco Sasquatch package down a peg.

Jeep had pretty clear air for a long time with few true challengers to its throne. It’s nice to see some more serious competition in the game, in the form of Bronco. Having Jeep and Ford duke it out for top billing will make for a 4×4 war that will benefit everyone, especially us overlanders.

Photo: Jeep

Photo: Jeep

I love modifying my vehicles, but there’s something to be said about getting the most capable vehicle from the factory possible. Not only does that cut down on the aftermarket accessories you need, you get a pretty built vehicle from the showroom that’s backed by factory warranty. And that’s exactly what reliability-obsessed overlanders relish.

Header image: Jeep

Written by Nick Jaynes. You can find Nick on Twitter at @nickjaynes and on Instagram @nickjaynes

Photo by Brett Willhelm


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