2022 Overland Expo Film Festival Retrospective with Links to the Films

Photo By: Overland Expo Film Festival

Did you miss a film at one of our screenings or want to watch a favorite film again? You can find each of this year’s selected films below along with a link to where you can stream the film online.

Do you have a film that you think will be a good fit for our 2023 season? Send a film nomination to filmfestival@overlandexpo.com.

2022 Overland Expo Film Festival

Selected Films

Wyoming Backcountry Discovery Route by Sterling Noren
Mondo Sahara by Austin Vince
Why We Roam | Season 2, Ep 1 | Bound For Nowhere
Why We Roam | Season 2, Ep 3 | Troy Tokarczyk
Why We Roam | Season 2, Ep 6 | Ally Hardgrave
Overland Anthem by Will Fowler | Venture2Roam
Overlanding the Forgotten Edge of Idaho by Will Fowler | Venture2Roam
Road to Wanderlust by Ben Fullerton, Sam Salwei, and Raquel Hernández-Cruz | YogaSlackers
MYLO by Chris Burkard
Labels by Asia Samson | Baptism Overland
What Does Freedom Mean to You? by Julianna Rose | The Overlander Next Door
Lost and Found Ep. 1 by Mary Ashley Krogh and Owen Chikazawa | Bound for Nowhere
Extreme Overland Journey in Oregon’s Outback by Nick Jaynes | Differential Overland
Central Oregon Explored by Will Fowler | Venture2Roam
Extreme Overland Adventure on Oregon’s McGrew Trail by Nick Jaynes | Differential Overland
Our Land: Traversing Oregon by Octave Zangs
The Journey by Kelly Varney | Adventure Built

Photo by Brett Willhelm


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