Ford’s Latest Concepts Were Made to Inspire Your Bronco Build

Ford has revealed and started taking reservations for the all-new 2021 Bronco. And it has said that there will be some 200 factory accessories available at launch. Until the online configurator goes live (soon, we hope), our dream Bronco build have been pretty much relegated to our imaginations.

That is, until now.

To celebrate the Bronco’s 55th birthday, Ford put together a couple concepts to tease us with what we might be able to do to our own Broncos — you know, once we take delivery of them next year. The first is a concept aimed at more casual outdoorsmen. The second is geared toward more serious off-roaders. Let’s take a look at them, shall we?

Bronco Four-Door Outer Banks Fishing Guide

Outer Banks trim level of the 2021 Bronco took its name from the kind of region its ideal customer might live and work in — the outer banks of the Cape Hatteras. There, Ford designers imagined a professional fishing guide using this Bronco as their office and home base.

Ford built a custom fishing pole and seat perch on the nose of the rig just above the modular front bumper and safari bar. Over head of the two front passengers, they opted for the first row soft top.


Over the second row and cargo area, this burgundy brute has been topped with roof rails, crossbars, and a concept Yakima LockNLoad Platform roof rack. The rack has been finished with a Yeti cooler (it’s a fishing guide’s rig, but that doesn’t mean they want to get fish stink inside the truck) and traction boards in case they get stuck in some shoreside sand.

The rear cargo area was optioned with a slide-out cargo tray, which doubles as a work surface.

Bronco Two-Door Badlands Trail Rig

Next up is the Trail Rig, which probably speaks a bit more to the hardcore wheelers than the overlanders. Nevertheless, it has some components that will surely be on the checklist of some overlanders.

In creating their ideal trail rig, Ford designers started with the Badlands trim. They added the modular front bumper complete with WARN winch, tube doors, beadlock capable wheels, and a 40-inch Rigid light bar.

The roof received factory roof rails topped with a Yakima Platform roof rack. To the rack, they strapped a some recovery boards.

At the aft end, you’ll find a WARN recovery kit and a metal crate containing vital vehicle fluids. Finishing it off, they opted for the rear swing gate-mounted table. Presumably, this is utilized for camping.


What I like about these rigs is that neither exactly is an overlanding rig per se. But if you combined features of both, you’d have a pretty compelling overland starter kit for someone. For that, I give the designers kudos.

And, if you’re wondering which components are real and which are vaporware, Ford created a handy sheet for both rigs, specifying which components will actually be available and which Ford, well, made up. I’ve placed those in the last position of the above slide shows.

Header image credit: Ford Motor Company

Written by Nick Jaynes. You can follow Nick @nickjaynes

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