ARB Is Ready for Bronco Launch with Specially Designed Overland Accessories

This morning ARB announced that it is partnering directly with Ford to create its own line of specially designed accessories for the forthcoming, all-new Bronco. 

Ford gave ARB designers a deep dive into chassis structural design, roof load-carrying capacity, and suspension travel. In turn, ARB is creating bumpers, sliders, snorkel air intake, air systems routing, fridge/freezer wiring, and other solutions especially for Bronco.

This is no coincidence either. ARB USA President, Doug Pettis was on the panel of experts that assisted in the development of the all-new Bronco.


“Ford took a completely new approach to customer-centric design with the Bronco,” said Pettis in a press release. “Personalization and customization is in the DNA of this project. Ford went the extra mile to ensure the Bronco was built to be accessorized, modified, and personalized to suit the demands of the consumer; especially the overland traveler.”

Importantly, ARB’s Bronco accessories will be available through Ford dealers when Bronco launches this summer and reaches more than 1,000 Ford showrooms.

From the initial images we’ve been given, it looks like the ARB folks pulled no punches and are pushing the boundaries of their design. We are excited to get a closer look at these accessories — along with the all-new Bronco — this summer.

Header image: ARB USA

Photo by Brett Willhelm


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