Bremech SUV: Cheap Overlanding for the Proletariat

Photo By: Bremech

You’ve been itching to get into overlanding. You spend your days planning out the trails you want to take, you know what RTT you’re going to buy, and you’ve even started to collect patches to put on your headliner. But gosh darn it! Vehicle prices, new and used, are at all-time highs.

Image by Bremech

Well, my friend, the answer to all your problems is on the horizon: The Bremech SUV. This Russo-Italiano-Californo SUV is expected to clock in at an MSPR of just over $26,000, which is bargain basement pricing in this day and age.

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Marketed, hopefully with tongue firmly in cheek, as a “Premium SUV,” the Bremech is basically a badge-engineered Russian UAZ Patriot that has been in production since 2005. Sporting a body on frame construction with a solid rear axle supported by leaf springs, independent front suspension, and motivated by a 150hp straight-four; it is the epitome of “simple” for 2022.

Image by Bremech

That’s not necessarily a bad thing, though. Patriots have a reputation of being rugged and capable rigs in their native country. And for a market that has been clamoring for a cheap and simple 4×4 for years, this could just fill a much-needed niche.

Image by Bremech

This writer will certainly be watching to see if these actually make it to market. As someone who loves oddball vehicles and is never afraid to take on a project, I’d like to have a Bremech in the stable for no other reason than it’d be a conversation starter. На здоровье, товарищ!

Photo by Brett Willhelm


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