Firestone Partners with Tread Lightly! Organization

Photo By: John Allen

Tire maker Bridgestone Americas, which includes the Firestone brand, is teaming with the nonprofit Tread Lightly! to promote outdoor conservation efforts through stewardship programs, and education about the environment many overlanders, 4×4 enthusiasts, campers, hikers, cyclists and more find enjoyment in each year. 

Tread Lightly! Is a non-profit dedicated to natural habitat restoration efforts and environmental education. A collaboration with Bridestone, whose Destination tires are often rolling over swaths of outdoor environment, might seem an odd choice for the group, but in a press release, Bridgeston representatives said they recognized how their products were used and wanted to better educate consumers on best practices in wild areas as part of their larger Bridgestone E8 Commitment to improving the environment.

Firestone Destinations – Photography by: John Allen

“Firestone Destination all-terrain and max-traction tires are developed to tackle virtually any kind of terrain. That’s why it’s so important that our employees, customers and partners have the tools they need to adventure off-road responsibly,” said Merritt Gilbert, Director of Consumer Marketing for Bridgestone Americas, in a press release. “Through Tread Lightly! trail cleanups and conservation efforts, Firestone is excited to improve and protect America’s trails for future generations.” 

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Tread Lightly! staff will train Firestone staff, influencers, partners and others on best practices and “Firestone will host Tread Lightly! team members on its Destination events throughout the calendar year,” according to the company. Tread Lightly! members will also be eligible for rebates on certain Firestone products. 

“We are honored to have Firestone join the Tread Lightly! mission and share the message to promote responsible, off-road recreation,” Matt Caldwell, Tread Lightly! Executive Director said in the press release “The Tread Lightly! Team works hard to do our part to ‘Protect the Adventure’ and it’s great to have a brand like Firestone join us in those efforts.”

Bridgestone/Firestone joins a long list of Tread Lightly! partners, including Jeep, BF Goodrich, CanAm, Nissan, Land Rover and many other outdoor and off-road oriented organizations both large and small.

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