Camp365 Unfolds model ‘T’ Truck Bed Cabin

Photo By: Camp365

We thought this might be a prank at first, but no, it is definitely real and an interesting option for camping in the back of your pickup, electric or otherwise. While hard-sided tent setups are not exactly new, a truck bed-based system that folds out into a roomy cabin is admittedly a bit of a different take.

Photo by Camp365

A Motor Trend Instagram post showing the Camp365 “T” setup in the back of a Tesla Cybertruck elicited some… colorful comments, but it is indeed an upcoming new offering from Camp365, which currently sells similar trailer-based hard-sided folding porta-cabins. They also produce emergency response shelters and mobile operations outposts such as the OPS365 Mobile Emergency Response setup. Camp365 is operated by Minnesota-based AWOL Outdoors, Inc.

Photo by Camp365

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The new T setup pulls features from other Camp365 systems, including the hard-sided design that folds outward. While only four feet wide when folded, the T expands to a full 7-foot by 9-foot space with 80 inches of headroom. Camp365 says it will fit most pickups from 1/2-ton to 1-ton rigs and of course, electric haulers like the Tesla Cybertruck, which is now beginning production. Camp365 says the aero shape and relatively light weight of 700 to 800 pounds are designed to reduce drag and minimize the electric range penalty for hauling it around. Camp365 says the T “transforms your pickup into a true lifestyle vehicle.”

Photo by Camp365

Interior options include bunk beds to sleep up to four people or a large folding queen bed for yourself and perhaps a lucky campmate while still leaving room for a chair and workspace/kitchen area. Heat, AC, storage, and other amenities can be optioned. Exterior mounting points allow for racks to haul bikes, kayaks, SUPs, and other gear.

Photo by Camp365

The “model T” seen here is still in the final design phase, with Camp365 saying they are looking for production to begin this coming summer. Prices start at $25,000, and interested parties can hold a spot in line with a refundable $100 deposit. Check out the video render below from Camp365 for a better look at the model T.

Photo by Brett Willhelm


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