Kickstands & Kevlar

Kickstands & Kevlar

KLR650, a Love Story

Everyone enjoys a good love story, especially when it involves Vegas, motorcycles, and the Overland Expo Moto Ambassador Eva Rupert. Eva tells a story of how she found love in the desert while riding her trusty, or not so trusty KLR 650.

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In Defense of Motorcycle Shows

Kickstands & Kevlar Blog: “I’m not going to that event; I’m going riding… Why would you go hang around a convention center when you could spend a beautiful weekend riding with your friends.”  What was I thinking? Hanging around some event hall was bound to be a total waste of a glorious weekend. Had I made a mistake? And then I remembered, this is why we go to motorcycle shows.

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Making Riding Gear for Women & Other Great Leaps of Faith

Kickstands & Kevlar Blog: In a time of lagging motorcycle industry growth, here come the women to save the day. We’ve increased in number by 50% in the last decade. We hold the keys to one in five of all motorbikes owned in America. Despite the rise in female ridership over the course of the last decade, the choices in high-performance gender-specific gear remain eerily static.

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Photo by Brett Willhelm


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