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To tune the ergonomics of the Tenere 700 and upgrade its dualsport capabilities, we turned to AltRider. The Seattle-based company manufactures 100% American-made gear for adventure touring motorcycles and produces superior protection parts and ergonomic essentials.

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High Fender Kit

The Ultimate Overland Motorcycle Build is designed to travel across various terrains and substrates; low fenders run the risk of getting packed with mud, which can stop the front wheel in its tracks. The high fender kit from AltRider is the solution to this situation and includes everything necessary to complete the transformation, including brake lines and a fender.

The AltRider High Fender replaces the OEM front fender and provides plenty of room to clear the mud off of the tires. The kit includes upgraded stainless steel brake lines that increase the feel and stopping power of the front brakes by eliminating the line swell of rubber lines. Mounting the fender is a breeze with the provided steel powder coated bracket, which is strong and rigid, keeping your fender in place when cruising at highway speeds or crashing in the woods. 

MSRP: $113.97

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30mm Block Handlebar Riser

Machined from 6061 Aluminum billet, the AltRider Block Handlebar Risers raise your handlebars 30mm, providing enhanced ergonomics and comfort for long days on the trail. By raising the handlebars over the stock position, riders can focus more on the trail ahead. Reducing stress on your back and shoulders means your attention can be focused on the obstacles in front of you, whether that’s on the trail or in traffic. 

The offset clamp design of the risers ensures full clamping force on the bars, eliminating the potential for the bars to spin or roll in the clamp. Installation is very simple, using four corrosion-resistant stainless steel fasteners and bolt head caps to prevent water and debris from packing the bolt heads. 

MSRP: $91.97

Adventure II Foot Pegs

When riding off road, common practice is standing to navigate the terrain and maintain stability. The AltRider Adventure II footpeg provides a wide and stable platform to increase bike control and rider comfort to keep you in control and on the trail for your long adventures. 

CNC-milled out of 6061 aluminum to be strong, yet lightweight, the Adventure II footpeg boasts a 58mm wide by 122mm long platform giving the rider ample space, even in large riding boots. The length allows riders to use the leverage of the longer foot peg to control the bike with their feet. Strategic cutouts in the peg body means your footpeg will not get packed with mud when the conditions get sloppy, and reduce overall weight. Custom stainless steel grip screws are designed to provide maximum traction without damaging the soles of your expensive boots. 

MSRP: $191.97

Clutch Arm Extension

While most modern cable clutch bikes have a smooth clutch pull, long rides and low speed maneuvering can cause hand and arm fatigue making your ride uncomfortable, or worse, dangerous. The AltRider Clutch Arm Extension lightens the clutch pull by increasing the mechanical advantage of the clutch arm. It also increases the friction zone of the clutch, leading to more control and modulation throughout the stroke of the clutch. The increased friction zone means you have expanded the engagement of the clutch, which increases the control of the power delivery from your engine to your final drive. 

The extension is CNC machined from 6061 T6 aluminum and anodized black, with clevis clip formed from stainless steel. With the Altrider Clutch Arm Extension the clutch pull can be set from stock up to a 33% reduction in pull effort, giving you options for the clutch feel that suits you best.

MSRP: $64.97

DualControl Brake System

Comprised of a riser and enlarger plate, the AltRider DualControl Brake System enhances control and reaction time while riding. Constructed of a stainless steel bottom plate and hardware, the DualControl is as durable as it is useful and is built to endure the abrasions of off-road riding

The DualControl easily bolts to the brake pedal and allows for a larger control surface for rear braking and better rider ergonomics when transitioning from a seated to standing position. When seated, a rider’s bent knee naturally puts the angle of the foot pointed down 90 degrees from the lower leg and while a standing position creates a straighter leg and raises the angle of your foot to a more horizontal position. With the AltRider enlarger and riser combined, there are now two levels in which to engage the rear brake, putting your foot in the perfect position for optimal reaction time. 

MSRP: $98.97

Radiator Guard for the Yamaha Tenere 700

Because it is exposed to rocks and debris on the trail and highway, the Tenere’s radiator is liable to take a beating during adventure travel. The AltRider Radiator Guard keeps the motorcycle cool and protects the radiator from catastrophic damage.

AltRider’s radiator guard for the Tenere 700 keeps the radiator protected, without restricting the airflow needed to keep the bike cool. Formed out of laser cut 14 gauge aluminum, the AltRider radiator guard is lightweight and strong, thanks to the multiple mounting points to the motorcycle. The key to the AltRider guard is the addition of the leuvers across the front plane, which provide protection by increasing the rigidity of the part without sacrificing airflow. Spaced roughly ⅛” from the radiator itself, there is increased airflow by allowing air to travel between the guard and the radiator itself. 

MSRP: $137.97

Side Stand Enlarger for the Yamaha Tenere 700

The AltRider Side Stand enlarger eliminates the threat of the Tenere 700 tipping over when parked on soft ground. With a base made of 6061 aluminum, which has been precisely machined to fit the profile of the sidestand foot, the side stand enlarger increases the size of the sidestand foot to increase the surface area that is supporting your bike in softer terrain. 

The top plate is a formed stainless steel, with a textured black powder coat which will not fatigue from repeated use and deployments, holding the enlarger tightly to your sidestand foot. Durable and installed with a torx drive fastener to guarantee a secure fit during installation, the AltRider Side Stand Enlarger is lightweight, to avoid the side stand bouncing around and inadvertently cutting the ignition. 

MSRP: $79.97

Tail Tidy Tenere 700

The OEM tail fender on the Tenere 700 is as heavy as it is large and the AltRider Tail Tidy Fender Eliminator reduces weight and the potential of breaking the rear fender plastic during a crash. Formed from a single sheet of 5052 aluminum to reduce weight, the Tail Tidy is finished in a textured black powder coat to blend in with the rear plastics. 

We selected the only one piece aluminum option on the market for the Ultimate Overland Motorcycle Build and this single piece construction maximizes the strength and rigidity of the aluminum. The angle of the license plate ensures the tail tidy will not catch the wheel, even under full compression with a tall knobby tire. Designed to route the wires of the tail light and turn signals into the tail section of the bike, the AltRider Tail Tidy pairs perfectly with 10mm turn signal stems to improve the profile of bike. 

MSRP: $113.97

Water Pump Guard for the Yamaha Tenere 700

The water pump housing on the Yamaha Tenere is in a vulnerable position and made of plastic, so to avoid becoming stranded mid-adventure, we added the AltRider Water Pump Gurad. Intentionally designed to be machined out of a single piece of billet aluminum for rigidity, the AltRider water pump design adds stylish yet robust protection to the Tenere 700 water pump. 

The CNC machined billet guard mounts to three robust mounting points and provides coverage to not only the plastic housing, but also the junction between the coolant pumped and housing. The guard leaves room between the billet guard and the water pump to prevent contact on impact. Using 6061 billet as the base material means this guard is durable and built to withstand impacts for years to come, keeping the water pump and engine performing as it should. 

MSRP: $106.97

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