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Starting with the 2022 Yamaha Ténéré 700 finished in Raven Black — Overland Expo is outfitting the bike with the latest and greatest adventure moto gear. We will take it on overland adventures throughout the year, demonstrating just how good the Ténéré and our ultimate gear is on the trail.

Photos by Andrew Jackson

2022 yamaha Ténéré 700

Today’s adventure motorcyclists are spoiled for choice. Not only are there countless brands offering smart, lightweight, and durable adventure moto accessories, making adventure moto travel safer, easier, and more fun, the bikes themselves are more advanced and capable than ever before.

But knowing where to start, which pieces of kit to choose, and which brands to trust isn’t easy in such a wide and varying market. Keen to get more adventure motorcyclists outfitted, inspired, and out on their own overland journeys, Overland Expo is building its own Ultimate Overland Motorcycle in 2022.

Redmond, Oregon. Photos by: John Allen


Why we chose the Ténéré 700, build gear chronicles and stories from the road.

Tales from the Trail: Wyoming BDR

The Backcountry Discovery Route organization has done an amazing job mapping routes across ten different states to get you out beyond the velvet rope, allowing you to become an active participant in the painting that is America.

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Read about the gear we’ve chosen for the Ultimate Overland Motorcycle build. 

Luggage: Mosko Moto

Mosko Moto makes some of the best adventure motorcycle luggage on the market. We selected a robust kit of their luggage for the 2022 Ultimate Overland Motorcycle.

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Communication: ZOLEO Global Satellite Communicator

Only ZOLEO connects with one’s smartphone or tablet to provide messaging that follows them in and out of cell coverage, plus safety features they can count on worldwide. When outside cell coverage, ZOLEO uses the Iridium satellite network to send or receive messages.

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Lighting: RUBY Moto R4

Why buy extra lights? Reasons abound, but the two that come up most often are; increasing your riding presence, so other people can see you, and increasing your awareness, so you can see what is coming at you.

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Accessories: RAM Mounts

RAM® utilizes the finest assembly hardware, durable composites, stainless steel, rubber, and aluminum. Their mounting solutions have been synonymous with quality and performance for more than two decades.

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Tools: SBVTools Pro Mechanic Tool Set

Traveling with all the tools necessary to complete roadside repairs is essential for adventure riding. The SBVTools kit is chock-full of essential tools for the road or trail. Each tool is lightweight, high quality, and compact and the kit contains virtually everything you need to tighten the chain on the Tenere 700 or repair damages on the fly. 

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Mirrors: Doubletake Scrambler Mirrors

The Ultimate Overland Motorcycle gets the ultimate adventure mirrors from Doubletake Mirror. With housing guaranteed against breakage forever, Doubletake mirrors are made from indestructible, reinforced Zytel. The four-inch diameter SAE spec convex lens lends itself to excellent visibility, making it easy to keep an eye on your surroundings.

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Camp Tools: COMBAR Pro Titanium

Winner of the Red Dot 2019, is a patented elite tool for chopping, splitting, digging, hammering, and sawing. It combines age-old tools with cutting-edge technology, allowing outdoor explorers—overlanders, ADVers, hunters, anglers, campers, survivalists—to acclimate seamlessly to their environment.

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We’re building the ultimate overland motorcycle in partnership with these great brands. 

ACLIMB 500x500
AltRider 500x500
Beemershop 500x500
Bridgestone 500x500
Double Take 500x500
MOSKO 500x500
Ram Mounts 500x500
Ruby Moto 500x500
SBV 500x500
TracTive 500x500
Yamaha 500x500
ZOLEO 500x500


We’re beginning to look for partners for our next Ultimate Overland Build!  Want to get involved?  Let us know!

Africa Twin Photography by John Allen

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Photo by Brett Willhelm, Willhelmn Visual Works

Photo by Brett Willhelm


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