No other event features a gathering of so many overland legends, authors, and experts. Overland Expo PNW offers more than 400 session-hours of incredible programs—that’s 220+ different classes, slideshows, demonstrations, and activities—brought to you by 120+ instructors and presenters from around the world.

JULY 7-9, 2023
FRI 8-5 | SAT 8-5 | SUN 8-3


For PNW 2023, we have 220+ different classes and programs, totaling 400+ session hours. From beginner to advanced sessions, we have something for everyone.

There are two levels of accessibility for attendees, Day & Weekend Pass (general admission) and Overland Experience (premium).

  • Day & Weekend Pass program list & schedule will be available 2 weeks prior to the event.
  • We do not publish the Overland Experience program list & schedule—registered students will receive this information via email 2 weeks out from the event. 

2023 PNW Schedule will be posted approximately 2-3 weeks before the event.

Redmond, Oregon. Photos by: John Allen

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Featured Programming

Check Out the Awesome Educational Programs at Overland Expo PNW 2022

Overland Expo has garnered a reputation as being not just the best place to see the latest and greatest in gear and equipment for your next adventure, but also for having the best Overland education anywhere. At Overland Expo PNW top notch trainers and instructors are gathered in one place to provide you with 190 different classes and programs, totaling nearly 400 session hours.

Instructor Spotlight: The Yoga Slackers

Yoga Slackers Sam Salwei and Raquel Hernández are lovers of movement. Limitations are a foreign concept to this teaching duo, as they spend their time traveling the world and fulfilling their dreams of being true modern-day nomads.


Learn off-road driving skills and receive hands-on instruction from expert trainers in our Vehicle Expedition Skills Area. Our unique and dynamic format focuses on skills in several tracks: Recovery, Driving, Maintenance and Repair, and Static skills. Take classes on topics such as winching, rope-work and lashing, specialty substrates, and spotting. Want to know how to get unstuck with only what you have on hand? The fundamentals of winching? Arm yourself with the best tool in the toolbox . . . knowledge.

Redmond, Oregon. Photos by: John Allen


On a custom-built driving course, develop off-road skills to tackle any terrain, whether you explore locally or globally. The course is staffed by the top overland driving skills trainers in the world to provide one-to-one coaching from an expert instructor. 

Redmond, Oregon. Photos by: John Allen


Overland Expo’s team of trainers provide world-class instruction on all types of terrain.  The training team has decades of real-world experience driving, training and guiding all over the world.  In addition to instructing at Overland Expo, they offer guided training trips and off-highway driving and operator certification programs.



Our training pavilions get you out of the classroom and into the field. Each year we bring you technical classes essential for overlanding. Rotating topics cover everything from how-tos about electronics to hands-on maintenance and roadside repairs to first aid and injury assessment to showing how to set up gear and what to take with you (and sometimes leave behind).

CLASSROOMS 1, 2, & 3

With our numerous navigation classes, there are no more excuses for getting lost when your GPS dies. Learn communications skills to enhance your overland experience. Brush up on your art of travel techniques with photography and videography classes. Stay safe with situational awareness tips from experts in their field. No matter if you drive a truck or motorcycle, we’ve got classes for you.


Open to Everyone: Day Pass, Weekend Pass with Camping and Overland Experience ticket holders.

Redmond, Oregon. Photos by: John Allen


Each year we offer a new selection of slideshows of trips from around the world. On Friday and Saturday evenings, we host a special lineup of films at the Winnebago Overland Theater. We start with an appetizer of short films before the feature film.



We’ve covered the walls with maps, featuring the most traveled continents and overland routes. Looking for route planning tips? Bring your maps and stop by our “I’m Not Lost, I’m Exploring” session. Or come by and listen to stories and ideologies from seasoned travelers, as well as learn about the essentials for those just getting introduced to overlanding.

Redmond, Oregon. Photos by: John Allen


Want to know more about Africa? Australia? What it’s like to travel solo? As a couple or family?  From Regional Q&As to expert tips, the roundtables can help you plan for the trip of a lifetime. Listen to panelists with extensive experience and enjoy their tales from the road!


Overland Essentials Area

Are you looking to up your camping game? Want to learn what gear essentials well-traveled overlanders don’t leave home without? Spend some time in this area to learn the ins and outs of overlanding from the experts. 

Redmond, Oregon. Photos by: John Allen


Considering investing in an overland rig or motorcycle, and want to see how someone else has modified their rig to travel? Take a look at our “My Overland Vehicle / Moto” series. This “show and tell” series is about vehicle and moto customizations that have been put to the test of time and miles; bring your questions. Many will also share tips on how to travel. 

Loveland, Co. Photos by: John Allen

Backcountry skills Area

Want to know how certain gear functions, how seasoned travelers pack their rigs or feed themselves on the road, or what it’s like to bring your four-legged friend on your next adventure? Check out the Backcountry Skills Area for information you’re bound to put to use during your next adventure.

Redmond, Oregon. Photos by: John Allen


Want to know how a specific product works? The exhibition area is the place to be. Check the schedule for times of detailed demonstrations. Look for everything from solar cooking to rooftop tents to air compressors and tow straps.

Redmond, Oregon. Photos by: John Allen


We pack the weekend with activities tailored to adventurous kids and their parents. Check out the Junior Overland Explorer program and earn patches for select classes. Kids of all ages can learn about nature journaling, first aid, knot-tying and more.



Have you ever traveled to Baja?🏝️

In the latest episode of Overland Essentials, Editor-in-Chief of @thejournaloflosttime, @josiahq, goes over a few important things to prepare for when traveling to Baja. He also notes a few things that may catch you off guard while in Mexico.

Tap the link in our bio to check out the entire episode on YouTube!🔗

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The biggest Overland Expo West ever!🧭

West 2023 had over 30,000 attendees, making it officially the largest Overland Expo on record. West also featured 417 exhibitors, 136 presenters and trainers, & over 500 session-hours of education!

Big shoutout to our incredible community for showing out and making Overland Expo an experience of a lifetime for all!🫶

Check the link in our bio for the full recap & highlights of the event!🔗

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@methodracewheels Bead Grip technology is the perfect companion for your next adventure. This patented technology integrates special grooves to engage the tire bead for a stronger hold under extreme side load and lower air pressures so you can air down with confidence on the trail.💪

Method has several wheel styles and finishes available with Bead Grip technology, like the 704 Heavy Duty wheel.

👉️Hit the link in bio to learn more about Method`s Bead Grip technology!

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The 2024 Jeep Wrangler specs & details are here! Well, mostly…

Carmaker Stellantis has revealed a list of changes and upgrades to this iconic off-roader, and Nick & Rick with the Overland Expo Compass team are here to break them down and provide their initial thoughts.

What do you think of the changes to the all-new Wrangler lineup?

Link in our bio or go to YouTube to watch the new episode of Overland News!🔗

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@kakadu_usa is an Australian brand with over 80 years of heritage in creating innovative and reliable outdoor products. Inspired by the challenging terrain of Australia’s Kakadu National Park, the brand offers a range of overlanding equipment designed to withstand the toughest conditions.

Kakadu’s range encompasses all the gear necessary for adventure, including the Outback Shower, Ozpig, swag tents, and sleep accessories.

Link in our bio to learn more!

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We’re excited to premiere Season 3 of Why We Roam with @peterholcombe and @holcombe.kathy 🛞

🚐💨 Starting in 2014, the Holcombes sold their home and moved their family and photography business into a 170 sq ft @winnebagorvs View for a year-long trip. They had no idea how much it would change everything!

Tap the link in our bio or head over to YouTube to watch the full-length episode, presented by @winnebagorvs and sponsored by @optimabatteries!🔗

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We’re excited to present the 2023 Ultimate Overland Motorcycle Build — the 2023 Triumph Tiger 1200 Rally Pro🏍️

Working with partner brands, we outfitted the Ultimate Motorcycle with the latest and greatest adventure moto gear, embodying our vision of the ultimate overland motorcycle.

HUGE shoutout to our build partners:

Tap the link in our bio to learn more about the Triumph on our website.🔗

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Photo by Brett Willhelm


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