Filter Your Water on the Go with the Travel Berkey

You have undoubtedly heard of the Berkey Water Filter. Known for their unique design and stainless steel tank material, Berkey has made a name for itself on countertops of suburban and homestead households alike. The Berkey Travel model is the same filter system that soccer moms and preppers have loved for years, now offered in a packable Travel version. 

Photo by Berkey Water

Photo by Berkey Water

The one and a half gallon Travel Berkey shares the same design and material as the bigger Berkey models, including the 304 Stainless Steel construction. The Travel Berkey model comes standard with two Black Berkey water filters that are good for 3000 gallons (11,356L) of filtration each, before they need replacement. Two expansion ports on the Travel Berkey allow for the addition of up to two additional filters to remove Fluoride and/or Arsenic. 

The standard configuration of two Black Berkey filters will filter water from any source including pond, stream, and lake water or substandard water in foreign countries at a rate of approximately two and a half gallons (9.5L) per hour. The filtration system is extremely impressive and removes viruses, pathogenic bacteria, cysts and parasites, and even extracts harmful chemicals such as herbicides and pesticides. Berkley claims that their standard filter elements are strong enough to remove red food coloring from water without removing the other safe ingredients in water. I have not tried the red food coloring with my Berkey, but I believe the claims.

Photo by Berkey Water

Photo by Berkey Water

The Travel Berkey is an ideal capacity for one or two people and sits only 18 inches (46cm) tall and a diameter of 7.5 inches (19cm). The upper chamber nests in the lower chamber for a packed height of only 12 inches (30.5cm). The combined weight of the empty Travel Berkey with two filters installed is only 9 pounds (4kg) and the polished stainless steel construction means that the Travel Berkey can take the abuse of bouncing along corrugated roads and rocky trails. 

The Berkey is an unconventional filtration system for the overland traveler and I was a bit skeptical at first, but the packable design is a joy to haul on camping trips. The Travel Berkey packs up smaller than a dutch oven and sets up quickly without the hassle of plumbing a permanent tank or lifting heavy and bulky filtration systems. It is hard to beat tasting clean and clear water after scooping it out of a stagnant lake, and the Travel Berkey makes it possible. 

Learn more about the Travel Berkey at and follow Berkey on social media @bigberkeywaterfilter.

Header Photo by: Zach Elseman

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Photo by Brett Willhelm


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