KonTour Seat creates the ultimate solution for motorcycle seat comfort. From the ground up and inside out, KonTour addresses specific shortcomings inherent in stock seat design by utilizing the best combination of high-tech materials for their custom motorcycle seats.

KonTour Seat

Riding in comfort is key on long-haul adventuring, so we’ll be fitting the Ultimate Overland Motorcycle with a KonTour custom seat. KonTour uses a patented, 5 layer process that creates an air cooled, infinitely adjustable, and breathable composite seat. 

The engineered top cover of their seats is Polar Mesh. This unique anti-slip monofilament polyester mesh allows liquid water drainage, hot air dissipation and fresh air circulation. Only 5 mm thick, you sit on an “air curtain” that is constantly refreshed as you ride. Below the mesh is a waterproofing and aluminized barrier that reflects infrared energy, keeping you cool and dry.


When it comes to defining ergonomics, KonTour’s unique KonTour X impression film is a first in the industry. This 5 psi pressure sensitive film is sent to you before they build the seat. You literally sit on the film at home and take an impression, then send it in with your seat for customization. KonTour scans this film and creates a digitized 2D map of your butt. Along with your weight they now have a specific “butt print” to build your individual composite using different densities of American-made 3M visco elastic foam. KonTour creates a custom seat that is unique to you and that constantly adjusts as you ride for the ultimate in touring comfort.

Photo by Brett Willhelm


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