Crash Protection & Skid Plate: Outback Motortek

Known for their high quality craftsmanship, Outback Motortek makes some of the best bike protection on the market today. Its trail tested equipment is built with industry-leading production standards and Outback’s crash bars are guaranteed to keep your bike in one piece when the going gets rough. All of the Outback Motortek parts on the Ultimate Overland Motorcycle are bike-specific to the Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports ES DCT, but Outback makes countless protection solutions for whatever adventure bike you ride. 

Outback Motortek Ultimate Protection Combo MAX: Skid Plate, Crash Bars, and Engine Guards

Outback Motortek’s Ultimate Protection Combo MAX includes Upper Crash Bars, Lower Crash Bars, Engine Guards, and Skid Plate that work in conjunction to protect some of the Africa Twin’s most essential components. Outback prepared this combo package after brutally drop-testing motorcycles, ensuring that their products meet the highest standards in off-road conditions. The skid plate and lower crash bars serve as the foundation of the protective accessories and, when paired with upper crash bars and engine guards, your bike is sure to withstand the perils of gravity in even the most rugged conditions. 

Outback Motortek IMG_9325_1_1r.jpg

The Outback Motortek skid plate for Honda CRF1100L Africa Twin features several new changes. The engine became wider and so did the skid plate, which now protects the catalytic converter, oil pan, engine case, oil cooler, oil filter and exhaust header. In order to offer additional protection, Outback added side and frontal protection, while keeping in mind that the bike needs proper cooling. Therefore, small vent holes have been added in strategic locations to the skid plate to minimize potential damage and maximize performance.

Outback Motortek created a slightly different set of lower crash bars for the CRF1100L that features a quality 27-mm steel tube with 2-mm wall thickness. Any lower quality steel tubing below those specs would be crushed when your 450-plus-pound bike crashes into the ground, but Outback guards are designed to take the beating. One of the biggest advantages of this crash bar system is the all-around 27-mm diameter tubing that rests on 4-mm and 5-mm thick steel mounting tabs to provide reliable protection for the fairing and radiator.

Outback Motortek IMG_9315_1_1r.jpg

The Adventure Sports model of the Africa Twin is a wider motorcycle overall in comparison with the standard version Africa Twin 1100 and features a larger and wider fuel tank, as well. The upper crash bars are 25-mm steel tube with 2-mm wall thickness and are hand MIG welded for ultimate strength, with an eye on toughness and functionality above all. 

Outback Motortek IMG_9306_1_1r.jpg

One of the first things that gets exposed to potential damage in the event of a crash is your Honda CRF1100L Africa Twin’s engine case, most specifically the stator and clutch cover and the DCT mechanical components. Therefore engine case protection is essential and Outback Motortek stands up to the challenge. Its engine case protection is entirely frame mounted, thus the fragile engine housing is not exposed to forces transferred to it due to impact from a crash. 

Outback Motortek Center Stand

Adding a center stand is one of the handiest aftermarket parts you can include in any motorcycle build. For the Honda Africa Twin, it will be particularly useful when it comes to maintaining the chain, changing or repairing tires, washing your bike, or parking in tight spaces. 


Outback Motortek’s center stands are solid, well-built, and include clear instructions that make the part easy to install yourself, especially if you have a spring-puller in your tool kit. The Outback stand holds the CRF1100L securely in a fully vertical position and, with the center stand installed, doing everything from basic maintenance to trailside repairs become infinitely easier. 

Outback Motortek Rear Luggage Rack

Outback Motortek designed a rear luggage rack for the Honda CRF1100L Africa Twin that is beyond functional. The rear racks feature chamfered edges to be gentle on your luggage straps. What’s more, they are made out of 5-mm thick aluminum in order to provide a solid platform for even the heaviest load.

Outback focuses on functionality before design, thus its rear luggage racks are generously sized to securely keep your luggage in its place. The multiple, nicely spread-out mounting and attaching holes are large enough for virtually any tie-down straps or bungee cord to secure your load. Plus, this rack pairs with top cases from a variety of different manufacturers with little to no modification.

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