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The Overland Expo Foundation is excited to announce increased involvement at Overland Expo events in 2024!

The Foundation is a group of enthusiasts passionate about the freedom of overland travel and the protection of our public lands. Our mission is to provide education and resources and facilitate a community for overland enthusiasts, businesses, and organizations around the globe.

It’s going to be an exciting year filled with more ways to give back to the overland community, and we want you to join us!

Overland Expo Foundation booth at Overland Expo
Photo by Overland Expo Foundation


This year at Overland Expo events, be on the lookout for Foundation volunteers (light blue volunteer shirts) dedicated to leaving the venues better than we found them. Volunteers will walk around the campground, engage with attendees, and offer free trash bags. If you left yours at home, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. These volunteers are available to answer any trashy questions and provide tips on how to #OverlandResponsibly. In addition to handing out free trash bags, volunteers will also be scouring the venue to make sure any trash floating around finds its way into the proper bins. 

Does this sound like something you would enjoy helping with at a future event? Sign up to be a volunteer and join our team! 

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On Monday, following each expo, the Foundation will host a community cleanup morning. Stick around for a few hours to show the local community that you care! It’s a great way to connect with other overland travels interested in making a difference.  

Let’s come together to make a positive impact on our environment and leave a good impression on the communities that surround the event venues.


Photo by Overland Expo Foundation

If you’re traveling to Overland Expo with kids, make sure to check your schedule at the event. The Foundation is partnering with organizations like Tread Lightly! to host two kid-specific sessions, a scavenger hunt, and a Kid’s Education Course you won’t want to miss!


We all love exploring new places and finding hidden treasures. We don’t love finding a new place that’s beautiful and wild but covered in garbage. In this interactive session, kids will go on a scavenger hunt while learning the importance of “Pack it in, Pack it out” and leaving a campsite better than you found it. All supplies will be provided- simply show up ready for the hunt.


Calling all future overland and off-road explorers! Get ready to navigate the kids’ training course hosted by the Overland Expo Foundation and Tread Lightly! This exciting course will test your navigation skills while teaching the importance of off-road basics like staying on designated trails, following trail markers, and finding the perfect spot to camp. By the end, your child will be a whiz at navigating the outdoors and receive a certificate to prove it. Buckle up and get ready for the Kid’s Driving Course!


Members of the Overland Expo Foundation Membership Program will get a first look at the 2024 Ultimate Overland Vehicle build on Wednesday, May 15th. This exclusive access is one of the many perks members receive when they join the Membership Program. To learn more about becoming a member so you can get in on the exclusive access, head to

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We hope you’re looking forward to attending Overland Expo as much as we are! Look for the Overland Expo Foundation booth at ALL FOUR events; stop by the booth (blue tent next to the Ultimate Build Vehicles) and purchase your raffle tickets for the Saturday evening raffle. At each event, hundreds of exhibitors donate merchandise from their shelves to benefit the efforts of the Foundation at the raffle, and the prizes are truly overwhelming. Last year, the Saturday night raffle raised a record-breaking $60,000 for the Foundation. All raffle ticket proceeds go directly to the Overland Expo Foundation and support organizations and individuals who help protect and advance the overland community domestically and around the world. 

See all of the great work being done by past recipients at

Interested in getting involved with the Foundation as a volunteer? We still have volunteer opportunities available at Pacific Northwest, Mountain West, and East. Apply today!

And, if you haven’t picked up your tickets for Overland Expo West yet don’t delay!

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