HitchFire Launches the Hitch Kitchen and Ledge

Photo By: HitchFire

Santa Cruz, CA-based HitchFire, known for their Forge 15 and F-20 Hitch-Mounted Propane Gas Grill, wowed folks at Overland Expo West 2022 in Flagstaff last month with a sneak peek of their brand-new Hitch Kitchen and The Ledge, their new multi-purpose hitch mounted storage system.

HitchFire’s Hitch Kitchen

HitchFire’s new Hitch Kitchen has everything, including the kitchen sink. Photo by HitchFire

The Hitch Kitchen is a fully capable kitchen with running water, propane stovetop, and cutting board side table all nested into a sturdy aluminum locker and mounted to HitchFire’s proprietary swing arm that mounts to a 2” hitch receiver and easily swings away from the vehicle for use.

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 “The Hitch Kitchen is a first of its kind and really provides an answer for all those that want the convenience of a pull out kitchen but either don’t have the space or the budget,” says CEO Evan Currid. 

 The Hitch Kitchen has a unique and proprietary nested kitchen insert that is easily removable converting it into a stout gear locker that conveniently swings away from the vehicle for easy access giving you two great uses in one product.

Hitch Kitchen Availability

The Hitch Kitchen will retail for around $1,600 and will be available in fall 2022, but you can get on the pre-order list now.

HitchFire’s The Ledge

HitchFire's The Ledge is a multi-use hitch-mounted swingout to carry and store camp supplies or to use for cooking.

The Ledge is a stout powder coated platform with integrated tie downs and removable side rails that provide versatility and convenience and is a real work horse at the hitch allowing users to carry gear, coolers, or firewood – yet can be the center piece of a cook station for smokers or off-the-shelf camp stoves.  

Currid says of The Ledge “[it] is just so practical and useful for so many applications it seems an obvious product in hindsight. Now you can use your favorite smoker, carry the big cooler, even use it as a remote wilderness desktop. There are just countless applications. I really think these great new products illustrate our commitment to Life Around the Hitch.”

The Ledge Availability

 The Ledge will retail at $325 and is available on HitchFire’s website for pre-order now.

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